Friday, June 28, 2013

Take 58

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Our vacation was splendid! Our time whizzed by (at the same time as being slow as molasses, as all time in a cottage near a lake should be).
(Unfortunately, my first week back at work was also as slow as molasses... TGIF!)
--- 2 ---
Here was the cottage we got to stay in:

It was tiny, but perfectly fitted for the two of us and comfortable.
Don't you just love the tiny oven? I just love miniature things.
Another win for
--- 4 ---
Our vacation included one game,
(turns out I hadn't played the actual real version in years!)
(always a perfect addition)
 and a quick trip to see two of my families' old houses in Michigan.
(This is the house my parents lived in when I was born. We moved when I was 5.
This is also the exact spot of the squirrel death--my earliest known memory.
Maybe that's a post entirely for itself?) :)
 It was a great time!
--- 5 ---
Our first Easter lilies bloomed this week. 
PSA to the lilies: Easter was March 31.
That's 88 days ago.
Due to this behavior, we have plans to rename our lily variety in our backyard.
Suggestions welcome. (Summer lilies? White lilies? We-called-you-late-to-dinner lilies?)
I'm partial to "Day-late-and-a-dollar-short lilies."
--- 3 ---
 One thing that's going super well in our backyard are my succulents.
Check out the difference!
(And please mostly ignore the back pot... that's mostly dying. heh.)
Thanks to Aunt Mary Pat for giving me these plants from her gardens in California!
--- 6 ---
I finished Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry over vacation (highly recommended!) and have begun To Kill a Mockingbird, a book I remember remarkably little about and am enjoying.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of To Kill a Mockingbird, Pat, the Trinity teacher who taught Humane Letters to me the year we read that book is coming over for dinner tonight with his wife! I remember that year well because it was the year they got married and when we finished reading that book, his wife, Jo, made us an upside-down pineapple cake.

(Now that I've done the research, I think it was a Lane cake in that book, but maybe my memory is totally failing me... In either case, she made an awesome cake for us.)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. What a treat to be mentioned in your blog, Mary! I guarantee that you will love TKaM this time around (and it was a Lane cake, with the recipe provided by Gene Stowe, a colleague of mine when I taught at Trinity School at Greenlawn and a genuine Southern gentleman). I might even still have his recipe (and I know for sure that I have his recipe for pound cake). Pat

  2. What is it about miniatures?! :D

  3. L Seasly5:36 PM

    Have fun with the Clarks! I got to spend the week with them, doing Matlab! Enjoy! Lynda