Friday, June 14, 2013

Take 57

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Three cheers for doctors who don't require you to come in for an appointment 
to renew your allergy prescription! (My Wal-Mart eye doctor never fails me.)
Hip Hip Hooray! x3
--- 2 ---
Word to the wise ME:
If you don't give the whole chicken a hot water bath in the morning,
it won't be defrosted and you'll be wrestling it to get the bag out of it's gut at 4:30 p.m.
If you're wrestling it, the bake time will certainly be longer.
If you haven't given yourself extra time, you your sainted husband will be be cutting that puppy (I mean chicken), which is bright pink on the inside so that you can take a few slices and microwave it for 5 minutes because you're both very hungry. You then have to return that chicken back to the oven to continue cooking... which requires you to get up during dinner and tend to it. (Tot. Obnox.)

Note to self: give the chicken a bath. Every. Time.
--- 3 ---
 One definite miracle happened this week: I found a dress for the wedding we're going to this weekend! Dear current fashion styles: not all women look good with a visual line at their waist (belt, elastic, seam, etc)... I am one of those women. I found 2 (TWO!) dresses in all of JCPenny in my size that did not have a visual line right at the waist. 
Thank God one of them worked. :)
--- 4 ---
Dear PC:
Stop it. You give me these messages all morning.
Neither of us really wants to be awake.
But at some unsuspecting moment, I'll leave my desk for a spell...
And all my documents will not be saved.
That's not friendly behavior.
And it makes me love my (very slow) macbook pro all the more (than you).
--- 5 ---
I mean... you need to see this.
This order continues to delight me.
They participated in Jeff Foxworthy's, "American Bible Challenge":
They brought home $55,000 to support aging members of their order.
Favorite moment in the video? "You got it, sister!"
Love it.
--- 6 ---
I discovered a black and white cat scurrying through our backyard this week... I must say, we used to have a black and white cat in our backyard regularly, but then we found it in the road in a not-so-alive-fashion... All I have to say is, live on black and white cat, may you frequent our backyard often (without us needing to buy cat food) and may you feast on the chipmunks.
Sincerely, us.
--- 7 ---
A little Honest Toddler Tip for your weekend:
"Toddler Tip: Not remembering why you're crying is no reason to stop. Lean in."

I'll be taking next Friday off--thank you, summer! 
See you all in two weeks!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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