Friday, June 07, 2013

Take 56

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
This past week at Aldi, I picked up a bag of sugar in the first half of aisle one. Unbeknownst to me, the said bag had a finger-sized hole in the bottom... While going through every aisle, I wondered why Aldi was so particular dirty this week as my feet in their sandals seemed to be gritty and sticky... I got all the way to the checkout line, turned around, and saw an employee with a wide broom, following me... and then I looked down... 
Wah. wah.
"Would you like me to get you another bag of sugar?" 
"Umm, no... thank you. I can get it..." *sheepish look and slinking away*
--- 2 ---
The Sunburst in South Bend happened this past weekend. One runner proposed to his girlfriend in the final 50 yards of the race with a sign...
Most shocking part?
He untied the engagement ring from his SHOE!
I mean, yes, we wanted Liam to carry our actual rings down the aisle,
but this guy ran 10k with a ring tied to his shoe!
(He must've been a professional double knotter.)
--- 3 ---
 One of my quick takes this week is a quote from Jen. Is that cheating? Maybe.
But how can I not share this quote?:
"People with our skin tone don’t need SPF; we need burkhas." 
I mean, I feel you.
--- 4 ---
Do you remember my new year's resolution?
I'm happy to report that I've swept and washed the kitchen floor 
nearly every Saturday this whole year so far. 
(We're officially 6 months in, so I feel like I won't jinx myself by mentioning it to you.) 
Given this ambitious simple goal of mine, you can imagine the extent  of my gasping laughter when Meghan began sweeping the kitchen after our first week night dinner.
I think I'm going to get spoiled.

(And, for the record, it's like I had completely forgotten my training, which most certainly included nightly sweeping of a kitchen. In every household I've ever lived in.)
--- 5 ---
In honor of father's day (one week notice, for all those who like reminders), here's an awesome article that my mother-in-law came across and sent to all her children... 
--- 6 ---
My friend Claire got married to George this past weekend!
Nothing but happy reports of George and his whole family after friends of mine were able to go to the wedding. Upon their return home, we were sent to find out how charming George's sister really is at her blog and I happened upon their engagement photo...
--- 7 ---
If you're really lucky, you'll spend a little more time on that blog and discover George's niece singing the part of Gavroche from Les Miserables. (I look forward to meeting Mr. and Mrs. George and Claire someday soon!)
And if you really like Les Mis and haven't seen the below yet, here's Trinity School's first music video:
Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    That video from Trinity is awesome! I spent a lot of time with folks from The People of Praise in Va when I lived there. Loved them all! Cindy