Friday, May 31, 2013

Take 55

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
The most exciting thing is that Meghan moves in this weekend! 
I should wait until next week's Quick Takes... but I can't contain myself.
In preparation for her arrival, I needed to empty the closet and dresser in her room...
In order to have somewhere for the stuff to go... I had to do a bit of work in our basement...
("If you give a mouse a cookie", anyone?)
In any case, I found this, which my father says is a "real collector's item":
--- 2 ---
When I was in the basement, I found, "My File".
My mother handed me "my file" when I became an adult. In it are all my dental records, old savings account cards, etc, etc, etc. It suddenly dawned on me that this is probably not a typical experience of a daughter when buying your first home and getting married... 
Thanks Mom for being so organized.
--- 3 ---
 Regarding Take #2, now I know where I got the tendency for order.
I mean, I have a system for most things... including wearing clothes in my closet right to left, regardless of desires to actually wear the next thing in line... 
(Don't worry, I'm working on actually just doing what I prefer in that department. It turns out order and organization are not always the answer... even if I feel like they should be.) :)
--- 4 ---
We're in the steady race to the end of the 2012-13 school year. Brian is grading papers and writing evaluations. Oral Exams are finished for his class and then there are a week of evals.
I can't wait for it all to be completed!
--- 5 ---
Somtimes, this is what it really looks like when the last weeks of school hit:
Yup. It's chipmunk season. And yes, he got one yesterday.
They're destroying our yard, so it's oh-so-satisfying.
(Last year I forget what his record was--but it was high. And he's shooting from the 2nd story! Amazing, my husband is.)
And no, I haven't tried my hand at it. 
--- 6 ---
Action Morning Prayer for the 12-13 school year has come to a close!
 Thanks to the fabulous Michael, Gina and Stella who hosted us this year!
--- 7 ---
Currently Reading (or truth: just started) Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry.
I'm enjoying it so far... It has a sense of peace to it that I appreciate.

Go see Jen to find out about what everyone thinks about Jillian's 30 day shred.
I mean, I know because I bought the video. And lovehate it.


  1. Pete gave me Hannah Coulter for my birthday shortly after we started dating. I loved it and felt like it was part of my experience of falling in love with him :)

  2. Chipmunks. OMGosh! I like the little fellas, but I don't really have anything planted in my yard I care about. My husband's motto is "If you can't mow it, don't grow it" so I keep my flowers in movable pots. My mother on the other hand....has a yard full of pretties and is at war with chipmunks all summer. My brother and sister-in-law live across the street from my parents. SIL loves the chipmunks and feeds them. Mom hates them and traps and poisons them. My mom made me promise not to tell because she's afraid my SIL will have a fit if she finds out. Shhh. Don't you tell either.


  3. I knew we were way different from each other. I wear my clothes from left to right. And I love that you got the genes for order. Even if people laugh, you can still bless them with your gift. Enjoy Meghan. What a hole she leaves.