Friday, May 24, 2013

Take 54

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
The Garden is (mostly) in!
Thanks to Brian and Beth, I have a newly transplanted raspberry bush.
Thanks to the People of Praise Boy Scouts, I have cabbage, roma and cherry tomatoes, basil and red peppers. Once I purchase some jalapenos, we'll be all set! 

Hooray for fresh produce!
(No peas, yet, but they flowered!)
--- 2 ---
Something happened in the past 2 weeks. I'm not sure what it was, 
but I have (all of a sudden) been getting anonymous comments that are all gibberish 
and then a request to visit their website...
Umm, I don't think so.
I was thinking of giving you 7 examples for my 7 quick takes...
However, I'll spare you.

Ok, maybe not:
"In the taking pictures from the basements you can
discover daylight through a cinder blocks. 

This segment looks at Title IX and some random consequences.
Also visit my blog post: [link removed]"

--- 3 ---
 I'm on a life-long journey to find the recipe for brownie-in-a-cup. 
Why life-long, you ask?
Mostly because I keep asking Gina and Margaret about it... 
When I documented it nine months ago.
Maybe now that I'm acknowledging my bad memory,
it'll get better?
--- 4 ---
This is totally in my cleaning future.
There are many wonderful things about owning our own home.
Cooking is one of them! Gardening another! Living with your best friend--the best!
Cleaning mini blinds? 
Well, I guess I wouldn't know. I haven't done it, yet.
And it's been over a year.
(tsk. tsk.)
--- 5 ---
This idea is great. I fully support mamas getting in the picture.
Just like my profile picture for Facebook, in honor of Mother's Day:

--- 6 ---
I mentioned this awesome act by Joe a while back when he performed it, but here's a slightly more polished version... Very fun!
--- 7 ---
Praise God for the life of Zach. He's the cousin of a friend of mine,
and these 22 minutes of video are both brutal and beautiful. 
Remember to live life to the fullest!

Thanks to Jen!

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