Friday, May 10, 2013

Take 52

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Mary Kathryn was born this week! She has 8 older brothers and is perfect.
I can't WAIT to meet her! Congratulations to Katie (my sister) and James!
The 9 month wait was worth it! :)
I'm an aunt 18 times over and couldn't be happier about it.
(It turns out I haven't met her yet and I don't own the photos of her and 
hope to share one with you at some point... but boy, or girl, is she CUTE!)
--- 2 ---
We bought a trunk for $5!
It is not what I'd call "in good shape", but it's certainly whimsical.
And, if anyone could do something with it... Brian can.
Do you have any ideas? It's structurally so bad that we're not sure we could ever use it as a trunk. Brian has suggested adding posts to each side to hold up a glass top to make it a coffee table. 
(I know, right? He's totally capable of that amazing idea!) I'm in awe.
--- 3 ---
 Vinegar really is the wonder solution.
I majorly failed and didn't take a before picture...
But I promise. It was bad. And this is great!
(Our first floor bathroom sink.)
Why did I wait 15 months to do this?!
--- 4 ---
 Brian put our hammock up on Sunday.
I think I'm more relaxed just seeing it in the yard!
It made Brian's at-home-birthday-dinner all the more fun to retire to the hammock with our glasses of wine... what a treat!
--- 5 ---
I "found" succulents and took a small cut of it home.
I'm a succulent addict. I have a problem.
But they're so cool.
It's worth noting that this has come a long way, even if it still looks scraggly.
--- 6 ---
Sean, Brian's brother, graduates from Purdue tomorrow!
Great job, Sean! You're a hard worker and we're proud of you!
(Abe honoring Sean)
We had the pleasure of going to his and George K.'s graduation party at my parents' home in Indy last weekend... what a treat!
(Thanks to Beth C. for this picture of my Mama and me.)
--- 7 ---
I simply cannot (still) get over how beautiful the world is at this point.
The sunshine, the blossoms, my pea plants are growing, we get to eat out on our back patio, etc, etc, etc... 
See what I mean??
(This is Women's Group as we know it--and love it--
right before a walk around the neighborhood.)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

(I had some blogpost editing issues this morning. If you happened to read, "Why did I wait 15 months to do this?!" 6 times this morning on this post... I apologize.) :) 


  1. I love vinegar. It's so amazing.
    Yay for your hammock!
    And I love the photo from women's group.

  2. Vinegar is amazing. oil on chrome fixtures and stainless steel is even more amazing!!

    Cool trunk!