Friday, April 26, 2013

Take 50

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Happy Friday!
You know how weekends seem like such a relief some weeks more than others?
Yes? Yes! 
I'm relieved.
Bring on Ciao's desserts, Lord's Day with fun friends and a relatively empty weekend.

[Yeah, that's number 1. That's just the kind of week we're gettin', folks. :) ]
(Side note: I seriously haven't bounced back from my CA trip with this blog. Every week I hit Wednesday and think, "Uh oh!" I need to think of 7 interesting things in 24 hours! Next week! I will win.)
--- 2 ---
Today is the big day! Trinity School at Greenlawn's development team has been working hard and at 7:30 p.m. tonight, we'll be celebrating at Jubilatio!

I hope to see you there! (I'm also looking forward to putting my feet up at 11:30 p.m. tonight! Hooray!)
--- 3 ---
did not miss my calling as an event decorator.
As I stood in the aisle at Hobby Lobby and felt restricted by the palette of the entire aisle of ribbons, I felt foolish. And my energy waned as I stared and stared and my time was sucked away in that store of decor... From here on out, I vow to delegate this to the many able people who seem to delight in decorating and have ideas a plenty. 
I am not that woman.
--- 4 ---
 In  the process of trying to decorate, it suddenly occurred to me:
Where does one buy bulk candy these days?
I have memories of grocery stores offering this when I was a child.
I simply can't remember the last time I saw bulk candy outside of the mall.
(I was trying to solve the problem of wanting only one color of a candy. Like red gum drops.)
--- 5 ---
I do a little happy dance when I eat food that I like.
I just thought I'd let you know that.
I wonder if my Mom could verify whether I did that as a child...
--- 6 ---
Speaking of which, last night I made sweet potato french fries.
I wish you could've all been here... except that I totally enjoyed the factor of whole potatoes that I ate all by my lonesome.

And I made them in the "Fry Daddy", which makes them taste better.
Just by having a cool name.
--- 7 ---
I leave you with my favorite vignette of the week:
Brian and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Nina, my brother-in-law Edmundo's sister and their Mama, Giannina. We went to La Esperanza. 
I "Giddy-upped" for an evening of half Spanish (which I do not speak) and found myself totally laughing as Nina and Giannina placed their orders in beautiful Spanish, Brian, my Mexican red-head followed, with also beautiful Spanish... 

I laughed. I may have growled slightly... and then I said, 
"I'll have the Fajita Taco Salad."
(Don't worry, as soon as I ordered they had me practicing, "Ensalada", which ironically, I already knew.)

Thanks Nina and Giannina--we had a lovely time with you two!

Go see Jen, the NICU trooper who we're all glad is home with her bebe.

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