Friday, April 19, 2013

Take 49

7 Quick Takes Friday 
Apparently, all you get is text this week. And lots of it. Sorry, folks. 
And a hippo. And some Italian yummies.
--- 1 ---
Our family got word this week that my 3rd grade teacher (and our family friend) passed away on Palm Sunday. My sister received a letter from her family and I was struck by the biography of her life. She was a tough lady!

"Sr. Mary William Dugan refused to let finances be a problem or a reason for closing [her special needs classroom] and she was always looking for ways to raise funds. The first year, monies were obtained through donations from various groups in the area. Then each month, Sister Mary William would distribute 1,000 lottery tickets at $2.00 each to parents and friends to keep the program going."

(Side note: when she got around to teaching me, she was no longer in a special needs classroom. Promise.) ;)

I want to be like her when I grow up.
--- 2 ---
The garden is in! Grammy graciously gave me pea seeds and taught me about when and how to plant them... and they've sprouted! Hooray! The best part is, they're done by the beginning of June, making room for the summer plants!
(Bring on the homemade pesto!)
--- 3 ---
Speaking of gardening, I planted roughly a million (give or take a few) carrot seeds at the beginning of last summer.
It produced three unbelievably awful, puny carrots that were not yellow and tasted terrible.

Before the peas came up this year, I had carrot sprouts all over the 4x6 garden...
Not even CLOSE to where I had actually planted them last year.
I plan to give them a chance, but I don't expect much...
--- 4 ---
 I get to be the wedding reception coordinator for Sarah and Joe's wedding!
Typically, in the People of Praise, when a couple gets married, a community member will help by being the major event planner/helper for the reception.
So, I get to learn how many servers are required for 380 servings of cake to be handed out, how many people it takes to clean a building after 500 people have celebrated in it and ultimately, how every wedding is an awesome display of service and love for one another.

Pretty great, eh?
--- 5 ---
I could tell you needed a hippo water fountain to brighten your day:

I went to the dentist!
And yes, I did enter by the children's area and had to sheepishly walk downstairs to the office at which I was supposed to be... BUT, I would've missed the hippo otherwise.
So, I'm the winner.

(I'm the winner twice because I also had to get zero fillings.)
--- 6 ---
My sister is due with her ninth in less than 3 weeks!
More importantly, she has eight boys! 
What will she have? Stay tuned--with the rest of the world!
We can't wait to meet the new little and find out if it's a boy or girl!
--- 7 ---
If you live in South Bend, you should consider coming to Jubilatio
Trinity School at Greenlawn is hosting a fabulous event and we hope you can come!

Disclaimer: I am actually helping run this event. So, it's a shameless plug. And actually so is this:
 I mean, if you can't make it... I'll gladly eat your serving of Ciao's Italian delicacies. :)

Thanks to Grace, for hosting again!
And Lord bless Jen and her family has they bring their new bebe home! 

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  1. Those pastries look like a one-and-done reason to move to South Bend. :)

    Sr. Mary William makes me want to jump up and cheer, considering I have a "special" little one.