Friday, April 12, 2013

Take 48

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
As promised--photots!

Upon arrival in San Francisco, we headed straight for Route 1 to drive along the coast
It was foggy, so the expanded view was somewhat limited, but we got to see some beautiful coasts and stopped along the beach to find other beautiful things...
But, we quickly headed inland to the R. Family Farm where we spent Easter Weekend.
Wowzah, did we have fun with Brian's family!

They have vineyards, 
the cutest Easter morning table decorations, and much, more more...
--- 2 ---
We particularly fell in love with lots of people...
Aunt Mary Pat

Uncle Mike (Grammy's brother)

 Camille and Dave
 Mary Calla

Joe (who is Stella's new friend)
Don't you love this photo? I definitely do. Overexposure and all. 
And many more! There really were so many people that we fell in love with.
--- 3 ---
We rode up a mountain on a gondola at Sterling Winery and got these fabulous shots:
Michael and Gina (and Stella. no really, keep looking)
 Brian and I
--- 4 ---
 We spent a foggy morning walking around with Stella who wasn't feelin' so good...
It was really a gorgeous morning...

What it really looked like:

What we want you to think it looked like:

Don't worry, though, she did eventually perk up...

--- 5 ---
I particularly appreciated the beauty of the Gary Farrell winery, which had a spectacular view of mountains behind the wine bar... which actually none of my photos portrays very well. 
It's the curse of the 50mm, I tell ya.
 This is a little better...
 But, really... it's just pretty country out there.
--- 6 ---
I really did spend a lot of time being just delighted by the beauty of the land...
 However, I can't help but share this photo.
This was after a night of particularly heavy rain.
And this sheep cracks me up.
 Doesn't he (she?) look dissheveled and irritated?
 Gets me every time.
--- 7 ---
We finished the vacation right... a great quick trip to see 
Kevin (my Mom's cousin) & Barb and Patrick (their son) & Simone (his fiancée), who are unfortunately not in this photo...
It was a very fun visit!
And, that was followed by a quick (unbelievably good!) sushi dinner before suffering through the red-eye on the way home... after 9 days of heaven, I guess we could handle it. Almost.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! There were so many to choose from (420, but who's counting), which means I really did enjoy myself! Hallelujah!

Prayers to Jen and her new baby!
Thanks to Grace, #1 in the hilarious department, for hosting this week!


  1. Brigette M10:31 AM

    So glad that you had a wonderful trip! Loved the photos and would love to see more. :) Love you!

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    That perky girl is so precious! Looks like a great trip. God bless you & thank you for sharing the photos!

  3. Love your photos, especially the disheveled sheep! That is such a beautiful part of the country.