Friday, March 22, 2013

Take 46

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Our realtor, Carla Myers, is fabulous. If you're looking for a home, she's your woman.
She dropped by a box of thin mints with this message on it:
Seriously, if you're looking for a home in South Bend, call her.
--- 2 ---
Favorite Facebook status of the week:
"Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby. Liar." -My brother-in-law, Edmundo.
I'd grumble about the weather myself, but when your friends say it better, 
I argue you just spread their status love even more.
Thanks, Edmundo. And may spring be sprung. Amen.
(Or we'll just high-tail it out of here to Cali. See Take 7.)
--- 3 ---
Did anyone see this advertisement from Zappos this week?
It brings me right back to 823 Chestnut St., Coraopolis, PA 
in the year of nineteen hundred and ninety four.
(Minus the skinny jean fit at the bottom and the bowler hat.)
Sometimes fashion trends terrify me.
(No, I didn't run to Zappos and purchase overalls, but I have to admit, it was an intriguing thought.)
--- 4 ---
This video was discovered via LinkedIn professional groups this week.
Dan Pallotta has some interesting things to say about the non-profit sector...
(in which I work)
--- 5 ---
I unknowingly purchased Gucci toilet paper. No, not two-ply as opposed to single-ply... 
I'm not a single ply fan, but wow, our toilet paper right now (quadruple-ply??) 
is almost as thick and soft as a set of cotton sheets.
TMI? ... probably. Sorry.
--- 6 ---
While composing Take 6 a couple of weeks ago, I asked Brian whether or not I should put a comma in the sentence, "Me too". I wish I had a picture of the face that jolted me into the reality that the former "sentence" was no sentence at all. 
And then I realized, I have a lot of non-sentences on my blog.
I hope you'll forgive me.
--- 7 ---
In one week we'll be in San Francisco, driving up route 1...
I can't wait!

 (Thanks to the owner.)
It's also Good Friday in one week, so between that fact and 
being in a rented BMW overlooking the Pacific Ocean,
I won't be seeing you next week... 
I'll miss you, but will return happily with all sorts of photos. :) 

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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  1. That video was really interesting. Thanks for sharing it.