Friday, March 15, 2013

Take 45

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
For my first quick take, I can't not acknowledge that, "Habemus Papem!" 
It was fun to be at school and hear the stories of the doctrine classes just happening to turn on the TV to watch a bit of the live feed to open their class at 2 p.m., only to discover that they had actually picked THE moment to plug in and see white smoke ascending... So cool.
And since we're on the topic of Catholics (and I had my 7 quick takes planned before, "Habemus Papem", I bring you an opportunity (and cheat and put two items into my number one--feel free to file complaints if necessary):

A friend of mine from college, Christine Marie Grote, would like to join the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, but has to pay off her college debt. Click here to see her story (I made it in a photo!) and consider supporting her!  
And of course, keep her in your prayers.
--- 2 ---
This week we have been graced with guests! Dad spent a few days with us at the beginning of the week, Meghan C. came for dinner on Tuesday, Dianne (from MN) is here for the People of Praise Women's Leaders' Conference, and Jared G. came over for dinner last night. Hospitality is truly a blessing.
--- 3 ---
It must be the impending spring, but I feel often inspired as of late...
This inspired me to think about my wardrobe differently (and get rid of things I don't love!).
This inspired me to dream about under-the-bed storage and reducing our bedroom to one dresser so that we could consider a comfy chair in our bedroom.

Margaret and the crocuses (in our yard!) have inspired me to rediscover my love for my camera... Just in time for a trip to California!
--- 4 ---
This week I was driving next to a woman in another car who had hair just like Doc Brown:

Of course, she was driving stick. Because all cool people do.
--- 5 ---
I came across this story of theft of a mummified head in the world of fundraising this week.
Can you believe it? It's too weird to be true. But I suspect they're not lying.
--- 6 ---
Something that keeps me awake at night:
(Ok, not really.)

Umm, if all the directions only include filling to line A, why are there lines B, C and D??
--- 7 ---
Remember this?
Brian signed up for round 2 on Sunday, June 30! 
(For him, of course. Not me. I'll just take pictures again.) :)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Oh my goodness, I am so excited about our new Holy Father! (I'm actually doing my first giveaway on my blog in honor of his election!)

    And, wow! I remember both Christine and Trish and didn't know either of them was discerning religious life! That's so beautiful! They will certainly be in my prayers. God bless you!

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Hi Mary Virginia, Thanks for the link! I look forward to browsing your blog here shortly.