Friday, March 08, 2013

Take 44

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
What's Easter without baking fabulous treats? 
I had the sudden, terrifying realization this week that I'll be in California (I know, quit yer belly-achin', right?). But, that means I will be far from my marble rolling pin.
I need to decide how to celebrate Easter without my kitchen...
Because it won't fit in our luggage. 
But I will definitely miss my homemade cinnamon rolls...
--- 2 ---
This is the project I undertook for our anniversary. The final product seems so simple, but it didn't feel simple as I searched for dates of our significant life events both individually and as a couple. It was certainly fun, though!
A special shout out to this gal who provided me with a digital file to print up all the dates.
(Because individually stamping 365 cards was not my cup of tea, though I did consider it.)
--- 3 ---
While Brian works on our beautiful, new bathroom... I've kept myself busy with other tasks.
You see, our house definitely had cats in it at some point... 
I know because the basement door has a cat door in it.   
And another proof of their existence has been bugging me for quite some time:

And as of this week, I'm the winner and those knots are gone... (Nevermind the fact that I probably could've cut the knotted ends off based on the fact that I ended up trimming them to be a nice, uniform length. At least I enjoyed un-knotting them. 
It's tough having OCD tendencies. Promise.)
--- 4 ---
I remember Grandpa George turning his nose up at canned soup. Grandma Ginger made him homemade soup and the condensed stuff wasn't worth his time of day. When I saw Aunt Leila's post on homemade soup, I decided to add it to my list of meals.
I must say, I was pleased! 

It was yummy and if it had chunks of chicken in it, it would've made a very hearty winter meal... It's in my bamboo box, now!
--- 5 ---
I've recently subscribed to and simply love the videos she produces.
No really, watch this video. It will delight you. :)
--- 6 ---
It's been 10 years since I graduated from high school as of this June.
Isn't that crazy? Ok, maybe not really. That was a long time ago.
I'm trying to convince the other 7 graduates of 2003 from Trinity School at Meadow View to make the trek out to South Bend for a reunion. Don't you think that would be lovely? Me too.

Ok, well, we could take a trip (in one van--hah) to Chicago, which would be more fun.
--- 7 ---
Thanks to Edmundo for linking to this article. Totally hilarious.
And, pretty par for the course on what I remember about college. 
Heck, I'd take a jar of nutella right now, too. :) 

Click here to find out why Jen doesn't like live music...
Though all I can actually comprehend about this quick take is that she saw 
Patty Griffin in concert.
I'm WAY jealous.


  1. Great lines from the article:

    "A spokeswoman declined to comment on the Nutella situation at Columbia."

    "...others had firsthand stories from the Nutella wars up close."

    "Mr. Bailinson, who said he liked to spread Nutella on sandwiches..."

    Hilarious. Wonder if the reporter was able to write this with a straight face.

  2. My 10 year high school reunion is this summer too...where does time go??