Friday, March 01, 2013

Take 43

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Last night we had the wonderful privilege of having dinner with the
Holy Cross seminarians!

Adam was our "marriage prep guy" (sorry I don't know the real title) at St. Joe South Bend and we loved working with him. We found the meetings super helpful in preparing for marriage and loved it so much we made sure to tell our pastor.
A year later, he invited us to mass and dinner at Notre Dame! What a treat.
(I'll spare you the wonderful embarrassing details of me eating soup and salad like it was dinner, because I thought it was dinner. And then, they brought out dinner. And I was full.)
--- 2 ---
With Grandma Ginger's birthday money I purchased a crate and barrel bamboo recipe box. Isn't it fabulous?

I have slowly been collecting our favorites in the cooking world and was looking for a way to keep them in a central place. Ideally, I'd love to cook 1-2 new meals per week and be able to lean heavily on the recipe box for the other meals. So far, so good!
--- 3 ---
In the process of thanking Grandma Ginger for the above gift, she returned my thank you letter with another letter (can't be outdone in kindness!) and included a recipe of her own. 

Isn't she sweet?
--- 4 ---
Two next meals I want to try? So glad you asked!
(I try not to let everything I make be in a crockpot, but as a full-time employee, I admit to having a deep love for that kitchen item.) Crockpot Pizza Potatoes
Smitten Kitchen intimidates me, but I think I can handle: Italian Stuffed Cabbage
--- 5 ---
Ok, so enough about food.
Bootcamp worked! Well, you can still pray for actual flowers (after a traumatic re-potting extravaganza),
but man, does this plant looks happy or what?

Lots of new budding leaves!
--- 6 ---
I have a weather app problem: It's always right.
Every time the weather calls for some major storm, my weather app says something along the lines of, "Yeeeeah, right. Plan on an inch or two." And I always respond with, "You don't tell me what I want to hear." And then I go elsewhere for my weather reports.

Much to my dismay, my app has been right almost 100% of the time this winter.
It a real problem. (At least a first world problem, anyway.)
--- 7 ---
We signed on the dotted line for 4 nights at a vacation home in California! We are happily book-ending our week in California with Brian's family on the front end and my family on the back end and then doing 4 nights at a vacation home with Michael, Gina and Stella. 
This is where we'll be staying.
That's right. With a spa.

Oh! And we just found out that Brian's family has been planning an Easter gathering, which means I'll get to meet a lot of family while we're there! So great!

Is it Easter week, yet? That's some Lenten motivation, I tell ya.

And... go see Jen!


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Wow, crockpot pizza potatoes sound really good! Post a recipe/pictures after you experiment?

    We're having the same weather trouble in these parts. Now it seems that Spring actually will be here sooner than later.

    God bless you!

  2. Yay for the plant! It looks terrific.

    And what weather app are you using? I currently have 3 on my phone... none agree and frankly, I don't appreciate that they keep giving me temps in the 30s... sheesh.

    Happy time for Californ-i-a!