Saturday, March 23, 2013

Internet Crisis

I had a bit of an internet crisis this past week... what with Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, blogging, emailing, weather updates (ok, I check those a lot) and attempting to get work done at work, I considered leaving it all behind... It all was reinforced by the fact that I desired to bring every piece of technology I own on our vacation to California. (Of course, I chickened out and decided to write a blog post about it.)

But, I did make a few small steps... I'm done with Flickr Pro. It costs money and I've begun using Facebook as my main photo-sharing medium because there's more traffic there. Now I have a new $24.95 to spend this year!

Also, Brian informed me that Facebook takes so much of my time because I haven't made active decisions about my newsfeed--in other words, my newsfeed is so exciting and full that there are always exciting things to check on--like every three minutes. So, I've been lovingly cutting back on the posts I subscribe to and have found that it's working... I see less updates, which is likely good for me, and the refresh button doesn't always prove to provide more news from other parts of the world. So, I click less and that's a helpful change!

I know that I've never been an early adopter, but I like to follow the trends once they're apparent. But, I try hard not to have all the signs of being the "microwave generation" (from a fun talk at "Thursday Night Suppers" at the Catholic Campus  Ministry at George Mason University). A sister came and talked about being of the microwave generation, which meant we usually get and expect everything to come  quickly and to be piping hot. She recommended that we look through scripture for all the gardening analogies. Faith and the preparation of your heart has a lot to do with patience, waiting, tilling, faithfulness in watering, etc. Tomatoes don't just pop out of the ground... you have to plant the seed and put in all the work. Sometimes all the social media affirms my microwave generation tendencies, so I try not to be too dependent.

Speaking of which, I planted peas on St. Patrick's Day! Let's pray they sprout up in the month of April and May like Grammy says they will... we've had a lot of last minute snow here in South Bend!

If you've made it this far--thanks! (It's a lot of text, which is not my usual.) :)
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Good for you on trying to cut back. I find it to be hard work (when I do it), but almost always worthwhile. Time suddenly appears that I never had before...

    I like the microwave analogy and the advice that was given to look for gardening references in Scripture.