Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader Dies

What to do? What would you do? What are you doing???

What should I do?

No, seriously. Please tell me how you do readers if you're using something other than Google Reader... because I don't want posts going to my email. 

That would stress. me. out. 

I've learned something through this: I love blogs. I write one, but I read many, many more.


  1. oh no! thank you for telling me this! I love google reader! I found this article with some suggested alternatives:

  2. Mary,

    I've been a daily Reader user for some time. I'm going to be trying out Feedly. They've got a simple setup procedure that syncs your Google account and existing Reader data to their system. When Google Reader goes offline, they promise they'll make a seamless transition to running on their own servers.

    You can learn more here:

  3. I'm trying feedly (on web and phone). newsblur is limited to 12 free and I'm unwilling to pay.

    I may just add them all to my flipboard, but the problem is that you can't read them online then...

    So -- I'll probably end up with feedly.

    I hear digg is going to come up with a reader as well... but I've never done digg so -- probably feedly.

  4. After getting over the fact that Google doesn't care for me personally and looking around for a new solution, I think I'll try Feedly too since it's web-based (not a program on a computer, as some are) and has an iPhone app.

    What are you going to do, Mary?