Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Resourceful

I love it when you discover a need in your home (like not having enough kitchen sink rags) and then find out that you could provide your own (with materials in your own home!) at no cost except time... That happened to me this past week and I was delighted.
I'll keep you posted as to whether or not we actually end up liking it...
I don't usually prefer crocheted/knitted rags, 
but at least I have another one so that we can keep rotating!

In other news, I made the switch to Bloglovin' (like many other fabulous folks) and have been pleased so far. It's nice to have a web 2.0 feel to my blog-happy-world. I think we've decided to be brave and leave my computer at home for the week of vacation in California, so I'm also happy with the way the app looks and works... Because Lord knows, blogs are definitely a part of a fun vacation! (I also like it's "Popular Posts" section.)

(So by being brave I mean that we'll have two iPhones, an iPad, an iPod and a computer brought by Michael and Gina... So, it's not that brave, but I won't sink my time in photo editing...)

So, if you decide to go the way of Bloglovin:
Follow on Bloglovin

(Of course, as soon as I publish this post, I go to the website and there's an obnoxious advertisement...)

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