Friday, February 22, 2013

Take 42

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
As of this week, Brian and I have been happily married for one year!
Good thing he got me an awesome shirt (that he designed himself!) to remind me of my maiden name and the awesomeness of us together:
 Yes, that's a seal on a couch.
--- 2 ---
Just in case you're due for a genuine belly laugh (particularly the ladies), 
here's something that gets me every. time.
"Great hair should be simple."
I would love to know if there was a woman on the creativity board who created that slogan.
Because we all know...
Great hair is never simple.
Or at least, if you think great hair IS simple, feel free to comment at the bottom of this post and tell me all your secrets.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to Catherine B., I was reminded of Bored Shorts and thought I'd give you all another laugh today...
I just love it.
"mhm! Do you get it now?!"
--- 4 ---
Thanks to the blogging world, I found Rosie, a gal I knew from St. Mark's youth group in Vienna, VA, and then by extension found Meg
We had the pleasure of her company for dinner on Wednesday this week!
If you're looking for a Catholic speaker... consider Meg!
(Meg has no job, no home, relies on the Lord, is a speaker and lives out of her car--while never spending the night in her car--because that would be unsafe.) :)
--- 5 ---
For those who may have missed it, a friend is doing some video work on his own time and came up with this video:
Pretty beautiful stuff the Lord did make!
Looking forward to more projects of his.
--- 6 ---
A fun Lord's Day with Brian, Beth, Mairin and some of her friends enlightened all of us this week regarding the Sultan of Brunei. Please check out his personal Boeing 747. Apparently, he also has a "heart donor" that travels around with him (just in case, due to recurring heart problems). 
You read that right. The job: travel around the world with the Sultan of Brunei. If things go south, you enter the operation room aboard the 747 and they remove your heart to give to the sultan. 

Just like I learned from my business finances class at George Mason University:
High Risk. High Return.

(And yes, that's a combination rolls royce and porche at the bottom of that link.)
--- 7 ---
It was midwinter break at Trinity this week... That means it's been "Casual Friday" all week. Have I mentioned how much I love jeans?
It's pretty amazing, because I would NOT wear them until I was about 12. 
I simply hated them as a child.

And... go see Jen!


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Happy anniversary! Cute shirt - I like your husband's sense of humor!

    Stopping over via Conversion Diary, but I think we've met in person before... Did you go to GMU with my sister, Anna Maurer?

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, I did! :) So glad to "meet" you, again!

  3. You didn't like boys, it's understandable that these things have changed. :)

    I love jeans!!!

  4. That. Shirt. Is. Brilliant.

  5. Happy Anniversary.

    Good hair is simple. Stop using shampoo. It strips out all the natural oils in your hair, and then they sell you products to put it all back in.
    I make a solution with baking soda and water and wash with that to remove build up and then I use a solution of apple cider vinegar to smooth out the hair shaft.
    A lot of the time I just wash with water.
    I am that one guy in Shreveport with long hair, if you don't remember the name.
    Here is a link to prove there is a woman out there in the world who does something similar-

  6. Anonymous11:17 AM

    omgoodness that video of the teacher trying to teach math is a perfect representation of me trying to teach my son. I have no idea how you teachers have so much patience! I sent the video to my son's teacher. Oh, and Meg is awesome! Great 7QTS! God bless, Cindy

  7. Great hair could not be any simpler - buzz it down and keep it down. No oils, no shampoo, no conditioner, no baking soda...

  8. Random fact: I once represented His Royal Highness the Prince of Brunei.

  9. And what a wonderful reunion it was--such a gift!

  10. Happy anniversary! That wedding picture is gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for a pretty barn on a cloudy day.

  11. Thanks, everyone! Such great comment love. I especially appreciate the advice from my Dad, Walt Seale. He's been offering me a "Number 2 buzz" for years... wonder if I should give in? :)