Friday, February 08, 2013

Take 40

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week was my turn to host our Non-Book club! :) In the true spirit of things, I'm only 20 pages into the book I brought this week, but was so happy to have everyone into our home and enjoyed making a few things for the gathering...

 It's been on my mind to perfect the eggless shortbread cookie, since Lucas can't have anything with eggs in it... These were a winner. Promise.
--- 2 ---
Like all of my other winters in South Bend, I find exercising most difficult when it's chilly and snowy. (And with -16 degrees with windchill, "chilly" is a very generous term.) 
I finally decided this week that a busy schedule was simply no excuse for sitting at work all day and then sitting at home all evening... Even if it was only 10 minutes of something. 
So, I did at least 10 minutes of something every day this week.

And I do feel better. And I will do more. ;)
G'ahead and hold me to it.
--- 3 ---
You know, video chat is the unspoken awesomeness of the internet. As an aunt, it transforms my ability to be present to my sisters' families... I mean, it ain't snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie or anything, but it sure does rock.
--- 4 ---
Brian and I bought tickets to California
Easter week with Michael, Gina, Stella, sunshine, wine and relaxation...
I'm signing up for that program.
--- 5 ---
Thanks to my cousin Kelly for posting this fun Disney-ness
--- 6 ---
My office is 2 doors from the Junior/Senior boys' locker room. One of my favorite moments at school is when a girl attempts to enter said locker room. 
Let's just say all the boys start screaming. 
It's quite funny.
--- 7 ---
Remember the live 18 piece swing band that I've posted about two weeks in a row?
Well, it's no too late!! 
Tomorrow is the Swing Dance! And you can come!
Buy tickets here.

If you can't come, 
consider supporting the Action Division of the People of Praise with a donation!
Thank you!

Go see Jen for 7 more!

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  1. I unfortunately don't have the pleasure of living close to you, but i do grow in greater affection for you with your weekly posts on the stuff of daily life! You're a gem, my dear! (ps, i want to make a guest appearance at the non-book club sometime ;)