Friday, February 01, 2013

Take 39

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I had a lovely birthday this week! Thanks for all the sweet messages! Brian made 3 meals for me in one day, got me a tripod for my camera (!) and watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with me in the evening when I wasn't feeling well.
While it's never fun to be sick, I'm not one to turn up my nose at a movie night. Ever.
Nor would any Seale.
--- 2 ---
Sometimes your brain simply has been wired...

I see fog and continual blink to try to clear my "foggy contacts"...
Even if I'm wearing glasses. And even if it's actually foggy out.
--- 3 ---
I'd love to hear what y'all think about tablecloths. I don't remember using them except on Lord's Days growing up and I don't remember using place mats either. I feel like every time I put a tablecloth down I'm simply biding my time until we spill on it and have to take it off, shout it and wash it... and it basically never lasts a week.

Why bother? How do you protect the beautiful wood table? So frustrating.
--- 4 ---
I successfully made ethereally smooth hummus. SO good.
And yes, it took me two tries.
 It's basically like eating peanut butter because the ratio of tahini is much higher than my normal recipe. Mmm.
--- 5 ---
As much as weather is technically small talk,
I can't NOT comment on the weather from this week...
Tuesday: 58 degrees and thunderstorms:
Wednesday: change day: from 48 degrees to a low of 18 degrees that night. 
Light dusting of snow.
(Photo taken inside... see our closet on the left? 
Oh, and those are our firemen, being awesome.)  
Thursday: 21 degree high, 8 degree low.

Last night we got another couple inches of snow. 
Wowzah.That was some week!
--- 6 ---
Brian wins the prize! He started and finished our taxes last night. 
I didn't even lift a finger! Just a friendly reminder that this year was our first year filing jointly, owning a house and I personally get 3 separate W-2s. heh. 
Thanks, Love! You win!
--- 7 ---
February 9th!
Tickets are still available!
Come and swing dance the night away to a live 18 piece band!
And while you're at it- support the Action Division of the People of Praise!
Buy tickets here.

Go see Jen for 7 more!


  1. I'm all for tablecloths. The point of them is to take the beating so your wood doesn't have to.

    Most stains come out even if they've been sitting for a couple of days, so I don't feel the need to wash a tablecloth right after it's gotten dirty.

    My $.02.

  2. Enjoy tablecloths now, because if you ever have a toddler running around pulling the thing off the table every 7 minutes, you'll have to give them up for a v-e-r-y long time (haven't used a tablecloth in, oh, 14 years)