Wednesday, February 20, 2013

East Coast Lingo

I never lived in New York, but when people ask me where I'm from, I give them my laundry list of locations and finish by telling them that my family's from New York, and New York is our family culture. I have discovered after 5.5 years in the Midwest that when I use a word and the listener is perplexed, it's probably because I used a Yiddish word. I'll go to google, type in a word that I think is normal, and something will pop up to confirm that yes, indeed, I used a Yiddish word.

You know, like, "You have a little schmutz on your face."
"During Les Miserables, I was verklempt."
"Stop being a nudzh!" (Or as I always thought it was, "an udge".)

Or my all-time favorite, "Oy vey." 
(which seems to be an appropriate expression in so many varying situations.)

See you Friday! :)

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