Friday, January 25, 2013

Take 38

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Do you live in South Bend?
Looking for something to do on February 9th?
Love to hear a live band play?
Come and swing dance the night away!
And while you're at it- support the Action Division of the People of Praise!
Buy tickets here.
--- 2 ---
This week has been bitter cold. I found myself more awake at the end of my walk to school than I typically get before noon. Maybe if I lived in Minnesota I wouldn't need caffeine...

Probably not.
(Sorry if you're my Instagram friend. Insta-repeat...)
--- 3 ---
The butter makes the cooked cabbage. Trust me. I've tried it both ways...
You want the butter. If you can.
--- 4 ---
I went to the dermatologist this week (like all redheads should...) and they still preach the "sunscreen everyday, even in the winter" gospel. I have to admit, I can't bring myself to do it.
--- 5 ---
Did you know that Stella enjoys happy hour, like any wonderful person?
Really. She's the star of the show.
--- 6 ---
Becca and Billy are married! 
Cheers to those two wonderful kids!
And... Alex and Jule stayed with us! 
We love y'all. Always a treat to have you in our town and our home.
--- 7 ---
Today we leave for Michigan! Similar to 2010, I get to baby-sit Melanie and Mundo's kiddos... this time with my husband! (yay!)

Go see Jen for 7 more!


  1. When are you coming to CoS to baby-sit mine? :P Enjoy the Reyes Family.

    Say hi for me...cuz, you know, I can't call or text or skype or anything. :p

  2. I can't stand sunscreen any time...take my kids to the pool after dinner to avoid it. :) It's the smell, y'know. And the icky feeling.