Friday, January 18, 2013

Take 37

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
The library and I have a major disagreement.
Apparently, I should be able to read a book in 6 weeks. (hah!) heh. exactly.
I took a book out in the first week of December, and apparently I'm supposed to be done.

Let's just say I asked to beg a manager, and the manager smiled and let me off.
I made sure to shake his hand... and happily took my book back home with me.
--- 2 ---
Sewing is something that has taken up some of my time as of late... 
The 1972 Kenmore sewing machine sews like a dream, but unfortunately won't thread a bobbin at all. (I'm probably doing something wrong.) So, I surged the fabric of my new pants at the bottom and then sewed it by hand... It wasn't pretty, but it's done!
I'm hoping to get the machine back to working order... 
Let me know if you're the king or queen of threading bobbins on a "vintage kenmore".
(Sorry Mom, their words, not mine.) :)
--- 3 ---
Brian sold his first wine rack this week! Yay! 
G'ahead, you can get one too! :)
--- 4 ---
In other home crafty news, we bought 3 fabrics for our home last weekend. For our living room cornices (thank God we'll have something above eye-level with some color), kitchen stools and dining room chairs. Brian accomplished the kitchen stools in one evening and here they are:
Aren't they lovely? While I mentioned sewing above, you'll be relieved to know that we are intending to staple all three projects here mentioned... no sewing involved! :)
--- 5 ---
Brian and the 9th grade Humane Letters class start to tackle The Red Badge of Courage this week... 
Just another book I remember nothing about from the 14th year of my life.
And, while they have started, I have not, yet. Maybe having Monday off will be a help!
--- 6 ---
Becca and Billy are getting married tomorrow! Alex and Jule are coming today! (Here we are on vacation this summer... the last time we saw each other!)
I can barely contain my excitement!
--- 7 ---
Dear Mucinex,

You are it. You are the one. I need you. I want to enjoy, dance and sing this weekend like I have absolutely no traces of a head cold. You have an important job. 
As they say, do. it. to. it.

Thank the good Lord that Jen is feeling a little better!


  1. Mary, I have a Kenmore -- not quite that "vintage", but I do well with bobbins. Maybe I could help?

  2. I'd be forever grateful!