Friday, January 11, 2013

Take 36

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Our home is back to ordinary time. All of a sudden our living room looks like it's barely lived in! It definitely didn't look bare to me before we had a tree, but now I'm ready to dive back into the closet of hangable items that are not hanging, yet. 
 Here's what I mean... not totally bare, but I think curtains/valences are becoming urgent.
 (Aren't panoramic shots cool? Can't wait to try it with people!)
--- 2 ---
From the kitchen sphere, I leave you with the absolutely tempting and maddening fact that smittenkitchen might've just discovered how to make perfect hummus. Since I make it every week, I am shocked, appalled and very tempted to try it.
(Please don't shoot the messenger.)
--- 3 ---
This week I found The Good Lovelies, a group of 3 gals from Canada. 
Pretty tight harmonies and fun to listen to.
--- 4 ---
You may not want to click here if you're not interested in birth stories
but holy whoa. What an adventure!
--- 5 ---
The Margaret D. in me (ok, and the me in me) wants to take a long Saturday lazy afternoon and do this to the Colfax walkway.
--- 6 ---
This week I bring you a photo of lard. Ok, ok, I know, gross. I was so excited that I had JUST enough to provide for the cookies I was making... only to find out that I only had half of the molasses I needed. Don't worry, I substituted with syrup (!) and no one even knew. 
Brian's idea. He's smart.
--- 7 ---
Is it unfair to leave you with a question when I left you with a question yesterday?
However, I'm on the hunt for game recommendations. (Especially games that can be played with two people.) So, let me know if you love any in particular. :)

See Jen for 7 more!

PS- If you scroll down to the "linkz" at the bottom of Jen's post, you'll see my dilemma of choosing one photo from my post every week to be displayed on Jen's website... This week my options were two way-small panoramic photos with the thumbnail mostly uncovered... or a picture of lard. Sorry, Jen.


  1. Mary -- which good lovelies album? And where did you get it?

    thanks and happy Friday! Christine

  2. The Good Lovelies are delightful! Thanks for sharing them. I wish I had found then before Christmas so I could have listened to their Christmas album during the season.

  3. I actually heard a Christmas song of theirs on my Pandora station, which is how I discovered them, so I don't own any album of theirs, yet. And yes, Mae, I'll plan on adding them to my repertoire next Christmas! :)

  4. Inverse is a two-person game that John and I really enjoy. It's a spacial game where you are placing blocks on a board - very easy to learn, but has lots of strategy. We also enjoy Quiddler, which is a word game using cards, and Set Game, which is a pattern recognition game.