Friday, December 28, 2012

Take 34

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This year, Brian and I said the Advent prayers of my childhood (somehow I ended up with the actual binder we used to use), and it was very sweet for me. The antiphon of these prayers is, "Come Lord, come to save us!" The ringing of these words throughout the Decembers of my life help make tangible the season of waiting for the incarnation. The highlight of that was having all of Brian's siblings over the week before Christmas and standing around the table saying these prayers. Life is just too sweet sometimes.
--- 2 ---
We had a very lovely Christmas full of family and friends, but also enjoyed our Christmas morning in our new home, just the two of us. Eggs, bacon and chorizo were the treat of the morning, preceded by french press coffee and frothed milk (thanks to my cousin Rob for the gift that's kept on giving since last Christmas!) and followed by opening the many(!) gifts our family sent along to us. We were floored by your generosity and are so grateful.
--- 3 ---
We had some leftover crunchy, icy snow on Christmas day this year, but the day after we got a beautiful 2" dusting. It was perfect especially because Brian and I got to spend the day inside, watching movies, reading, making a fire, etc... The perfect end to my vacation!
--- 4 ---
I got in all the baking I had hoped for this Christmas... Grandma Mary Seale's cheesecake, an "extreme" chocolate cake, iced sugar cookies and a Baptism cake for Stella... and there were no major crises! Hooray!

(And I got to use our cake stand for the first time! ... I had forgotten we even owned one!)
--- 5 ---
I might be the kind of woman who works hard to finish old things in the fridge and gets excited to open up the new, fresh things... I worked hard to finish the leftover-from-bachelor-land strawberry jelly and bought myself some of this to enjoy for Christmas:
It was worth it. Merry Christmas to me. :)
Even Aldi brand can be exciting. Trust me.
--- 6 ---
Now that we're in the season of Christmas, I thought I'd let you know that I enjoyed making some homemade Christmas gifts this year... I didn't go crazy, but it was fun to go back and look up all of my saved internet (pinterest?!) "Hey I want to do that!" concepts and try a few.
I made these snowflakes for a few people on our list and then "stiffened" them with a solution from a craft store. I was pretty pleased with the results! 
(I stuck with snowflake pattern A for this year.)
I might be tempted to make 12 of them for our own tree next year...
Brian made these beautiful coasters from wood we had and we gave them out to friends of ours in the neighborhood. He did such a beautiful job. Thanks to Alisa Burke, an artist blogger that I follow, for the free download of gift tags!

The pinecone firelighters will go unphotographed simply because they weren't as pretty as I had hoped, but I do think they're very cool. :)
I also might've stuffed Brian's stocking with new guitar pics... with a pun. 
I'm just trying to fit into my new family the best that I can. :)
--- 7 ---
Currently Reading: Garlic and Sapphires and totally enjoying it. :) It was a Non-Book Club recommendation and I've laughed-out-loud multiple times and I'm only 1/3 of the way through... so that's a good sign.

To read about the joy of wearing matching pajamas with your doll (something I found exhilarating as a child when Aunt Laurie made Christina and I matching PJs to each other AND our dolls), see Jen!


  1. What a great Baptism cake!

  2. You can actually starch your cotton snowflakes with a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. I found my instructions on Google. (I made a set of snowflakes for an ornament exchange at my parish.)