Friday, December 21, 2012

Take 33

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Tales of the kitchen continued this week with latkes! We missed the Hanukkah deadline a bit, but that's ok, we're irish redheads... so we'll survive. I admit to loving fried food.
(I made smittenkitchen latkes.)

Aaaand, they were good.
--- 2 ---
I found this bearded hat when I was searching for Christmas presents this year... I couldn't justify a gift that I wanted to get more than a gift they wanted to receive, so I share it with you, in case it's useful. :)
And, yes, if I ever have a son, I'll be figuring out this pattern real quick. :)
--- 3 ---
We've been married 10 months as of this week... time is flying by!
I went through our wedding photos again this week, thanks to my sister who put them all in a slideshow for my parents... I definitely flare my nostrils when I'm attempting not to cry.
I can prove it. With wedding photos. :) I was also ecstatically happy on our wedding day.
--- 4 ---
A new succulent traveled all the way from California with Margaret! Thanks to Jennifer K. who graciously clipped some for us! Our plant corner is looking intense.
In other news, if you know what kind of succulent this is, you're the winner.
(And please leave me a comment with the answer.) Thanks! :)
--- 5 ---
We have just a smidgen of snow this morning... they were calling for 4-6 inches, and now they're calling for 3-5 inches. Since I don't get a snow day either way, I must admit I'm just downright delighted that it's white outside.
Just a light dusting...
May it actually be 5 inches at the end of today and may it stay until Christmas! :)
--- 6 ---
I found this rendition of Moon River this week by a friend of mine from college, Justina. I have a soft spot in my heart for that song... :) Thought I'd share.
(I found this song when her sister, Marie, who's making it in the music world, posted this song. Friends of mine have been sharing it via Facebook, just in time for Christmas. I never knew her personally, but she's got a lovely voice!)
--- 7 ---
The Christmas parties are upon us! We had a Work College party on Tuesday this week and with tonight begins a string of parties with many folks we love...
Cheers to more of this:
Love that guy.

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to find out what happens to attic-stored advent candles in Texas, 

see Jen!


  1. Might be a jade plant.

  2. Jade, for sure. My aunt had one growing for over 15 years, it was huge!

  3. Thanks! Here's hoping it "takes" to South Bend and grows bigger! :)