Friday, December 07, 2012

Take 31

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Looking for a Christmas present? 
Brian is selling these wine racks.
Aren't they fabulous? Go for it. You know you want to!
Even we have one!
--- 2 ---
Isn't this pretty? I happened upon it this week and thought I'd share it.
(It's potato starch photography!)
--- 3 ---
Least favorite item to wash in the kitchen? The pasta spoon.
Most desired item for my utensil drawer at this time: a pasta serving measurer. 
Mom always had one. It's hard to tell how much cooked pasta comes from uncooked pasta.
It's all about pasta.
--- 4 ---
I found a bread recipe that works for sandwiches and in general not falling apart after freezing it... This is important since we eat bread slowly. I freeze it sliced and take it out one piece at a time for my breakfast. Such a treat... especially with butter and jam.
--- 5 ---
I must admit that our "junk/pen" drawer is WAY out of hand. It gets littered with twist ties, scraps of paper, wine openers and matches from a box that was falling apart...
BUT, our matches are almost gone so I did this:
And it stays in the center of our Advent wreath. Kinda fun. And then got the paper and chalk into this beauty (ohmygoshiloveitthemagnetissostrong!)
And I feel like another little corner of my world is slightly conquered.
--- 6 ---
Last night, I went shopping and discovered this:
It's even on sale! Crazy, right?
Just add water and shake!
--- 7 ---
I'm going to Chicago! Tomorrow we're having an alumni event in Chicago at Revolution Brew and then I'll spend Sunday through Tuesday at the CASE Conference! Here's to enjoying city life with Annie F., who's graciously hosting me and getting to network and learn with lots of people doing my job at schools in other locations! :)

  See Jen for seven more.


  1. Okay, but we need to know where you GOT that lovely magnetic holder. ????????!!!!!!!

  2. Oh right! I updated it and put a link in... it wasn't expensive, either! :) Thanks for asking!