Friday, December 14, 2012

Take 32

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This past week I went to a conference in Chicago... and it was exhausting! I made it out just fine- I learned a lot about my field (advancement and alumni relations) and lots of ideas on how to move things forward. Unfortunately, I went alone and felt alone for a lot of it.  BUT, I stayed with Annie F. and her roommate Claire, which was by far the highlight of the trip. Those two are a trip and a delight.
I hope to go back.

--- 2 ---
However, I definitely was wished a Happy Hanukkah by a Hanukkah bus. 
So that was nice.
--- 3 ---
I finally purchased black, knee-high boots. (I've been searching for... well... more than 2 months...) The weddings this winter and the dresses I plan to wear will be completed by a slightly more formal look (than my oh-so-loved brown cowboy Born boots) and the happy warmth of wearing socks to a wedding. 
I mean, how often is that acceptable? Not often. 
And I'm so glad to indulge.
--- 4 ---
At the D4 Pub in Chicago, I enjoyed a Boont American Amber.
That was good. I highly recommend it- though I'd never heard of it before. 
--- 5 ---
By far the highlight of your week is the following, so please sit back and enjoy:
My Mom, Pam, and my friend, Robin are the two best dancers out there.
(They are 2nd and 3rd from the right at the beginning of the video.)
Seriously. They tap!
--- 6 ---
I've been meaning to share how simply awesome it is to have friends of mine involved in the school where my sister's kids are enrolled in Colorado. I received a text with this photo over the weekend and sighed a much happy sigh at the sight of Virginia (on the left), my niece and former roommate, and Brigette (on the right), my friend and former housemate, enjoying Christmas tea together. Isn't the Lord fabulous?
--- 7 ---
We're off to cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow! Here's to being home, enjoying family, and having our home look just that much more ready for the coming of our Lord
(Really- do those advent candles last all of dinner, all 4 weeks? I'm not so sure...)

  Jen had her own tv show air last night, so she bows gracefully (and understandably) out of the 7 Quick Takes tradition this week. :) I think I'll be figuring out how to watch it later.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the picture text! It was wonderful to talk with Virginia more, because I don't see her a lot at school. Hope you are having a blessed Advent. Love you!

  2. GREAT video!!! Your mom and your friend were definitely the best dancers! I enjoyed them perform. :) Thanks for sharing!!