Friday, November 30, 2012

Take 30

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We saw a lot of our family and enjoyed playing/watching football, hosting my Grandma Ginny, celebrating with Meredith on the occasion of her bridal shower, and lots of good food, drink and even better company...
--- 2 ---
Sick. My favorite poem by Shel Silverstein. Also the state of my body for the past 5 days.
I've medicated with Mucinex and cold tablets, consumed lots of liquids (including Hi-C, thanks to the leftovers from 7/8th grade boys' soccer), gone through boxes of tissues, become more united with our living room sofa and caught up on our shows.
--- 3 ---
Unfortunately, I am not catching up on Fairly Legal, which has been canceled. 

I forgot shows had seasons. Now I'm faced with the reality that sometimes when they take a break, they. don't. come. back. So sad. Maybe I'll have to go watch the old shows I never saw. Or maybe that'll be too painful, knowing they won't continue...
It might sound pathetic, but it's honest, yo.
--- 4 ---
Our Garage!

While I lay on our lovely sofa, Brian installed a new work bench in the garage, making it possible to park our car in the garage (and not have to clear the snow off of our car!). 
He rocks.
--- 5 ---
He also put up our Christmas lights last weekend!

One of my favorite effects of the Christmas lights are from the dining room
when all the lights are out... 

Isn't it lovely?
--- 6 ---
My sister, Katie gave us eggs! She has chickens in her back yard and I must say, since we've had store bought eggs, I've been saving hers for a special moment... maybe this weekend. 
I'm so excited.
Thanks, Katie!
--- 7 ---
This is your sugar cookie icing recipe. Look no further. Jen has shared her mother's recipe and we should all be grateful! I used it last year and it was so successful that I did it again this year for the Trinity School at Greenlawn Christmas Bazaar. Seriously, I will never use another recipe.

Thanks, Jen!

Visit Jen and check out her fabulous tales of doing a TV show.


  1. those cookies look great! Savor them, enjoy them, marvel at them...because when you have kids, they will be no more.

    But they will still be the best cookies around, I'm sure. :D They just won't look so store bought and made to perfection. haha.

    i need to make sugar cookies soon.

  2. Oh Bethanne... you speak nothing BUT the truth! ;) Love you!