Friday, November 23, 2012

Take 29, the Christmas edition

7 Quick Takes Friday
My plan was to post this at 12:01 a.m. this morning, 
since that's the first moment that it's legal to listen to Christmas music.
Fortunately, I decided relaxing and enjoying yesterday was more important.
So, at roughly 10:20 a.m., I give you the following...
Please enjoy! (and Happy Thanksgiving!)
--- 1 ---
For those of you who like to start with classics:
 (And yes, I am dreaming of a white Christmas.
And as many white days in between that the good Lord will give us.)
--- 2 ---
For those of us who absolutely love her voice...
I'm hoping some day to own the scarf she wears. Or just a copy. So beautiful.
--- 3 ---
One Frank, because it isn't Christmas music without Frank.
There may or may not be an argument in this song for Christmas music early than the day after Thanksgiving... but I won't go there, now, because I don't have to.
--- 4 ---
Ann Murray-- a random Christmas CD we owned growing up that Dad always liked...
--- 5 ---
Thanks to Margaret D., who opened my eyes to Christmas music by Harry Connick, Jr.
--- 6 ---
Because who doesn't love Ray...
--- 7 ---
And for the kids of the 80s... Eat your heart out.
(And if you're like me, g'ahead and sing every word.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

And for the creator of QuickTakes... see Jen!

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