Friday, November 16, 2012

Take 28

7 Quick Takes Friday
4 out of 7 of these items are food related... 
Just thought I should put that out there before someone else does.
Happy Thanksgiving! :) A week early. 
--- 1 ---
It's Friday!
That's my nephew Xavi. 
(He is seeing the roller coasters in the Mall of America for the first time.)
 And that's how I feel about it being Friday.
AND, how I feel about a weekend that's not jam-packed and includes Gilfax coming for Lord's Day! (Go Irish!) :)
--- 2 ---
Turkey takes 1 day to thaw for every 4-5 pounds. You're welcome. 
I happen to know this because we decided to serve Turkey for dinner on Saturday.
And no, it's not recommended to sit it in water to speed up the process.

Go ahead and add that memo to somewhere around Monday next week 
for your Thanksgiving. 
(Yes, Monday. Turns out it has to be thawed in order to bake, which will take
basically all of Thursday. hah. Love it.)
--- 3 ---
I think you should know that I can make a pretty darn good guess on the temperature outside based on the firmness of our (counter-stored) butter every morning. 
True story.
--- 4 ---
Panda Express. Whole Foods.
What do these two have to do with each other? They're both coming to Grape Road... 
That's what.

I might be excited for a Panda Express meal with Mama... She and I always liked it there.
 I might also be excited for a date night provided by Whole Foods with my Love... 
Sure, it'll be the same cost as going out... but the quality of food will be fabulous.

I'm in. And thanks, Panda Express and Whole Foods, for coming to South Bend.
We appreciate you. (Or at least I do.)
--- 5 ---
Apple Cider Caramels... 
I made them!

 To be completely fair- I botched them. And then I made them.
2 batches... one actual batch of yummy caramels...
 Wonder why they look sparkly?
Because I forgot to add the cinnamon and salt to the non-botched batch.
So I sprinkled them. :)
--- 6 ---
This week while driving, I saw a baby R.O.U.S. For serious. It had that tail thing.
Sorry if that clip was a bit too much for your Friday... I couldn't resist.
--- 7 ---
I leave you for the weekend with a photo of this branch:
I admit to running into it multiple times a week when I walk to and from school.
I'm just that thoughtful... er, absent from reality... :)

I got so mad this week (at the branch), that I wanted to cut it down, but instead I photographed it and resolved to share it with you. 
Aren't you lucky?
Happy Friday!

For the most hilarious emergency sign in a monastary, see Jen!


  1. If you're interested, I hear Catherine F has successfully cooked frozen turkeys before. I haven't tried it yet myself, but she sent me this video:

  2. #3 is also true at my house, although the butter is in the cupboard.

  3. speaking of the caramels ... Pete & Maggie & I are going to a Smitten Kitchen book-signing/talk/cooking demo in Chicago on Monday! If you are a big fan of SK, I just want you to know there appear to still be spots available at the event. It is at 1:00 at Ela Public Library, north of Chicago.

  4. Lovely, I'm glad it's a not too packed weekend as well. And...that I see you in less than 7 days :)
    p.s. I missed the post bc you didn't post it on FB. :)

  5. I laughed all the way through this post. ROUS's! Haven't thought about that in a while!

    I love the reveal about the cinnamon and salt. Ha!