Friday, November 02, 2012

Take 26

7 Quick Takes Friday
As always, or maybe especially this week, please enjoy 7 randomly
chosen pieces of information about my life.  
Nothing is related this week to anything else. But Jen reported many,
many weeks ago that it was ok. Really. 

Happy Birthday, Melanie and Darla!
--- 1 ---
Sandy: The storm came and went, leaving a path of destruction behind her. I'm grateful for the well-being of all of my family and pray for those who are in need.

Mom reports that Grandma played "King's in the Corner" by candlelight this week... 
She's a tough cookie. :)
--- 2 ---
Women's Retreat! The women of the People of Praise in South Bend had a great retreat given by the fabulous duo: Charlie and Carmen. We talked about being missional and living out the Gospel: making disciples of all the nations. It was a great weekend of sisterhood and I'm grateful for the challenge to persevere in all that we're doing!

Oh, and the scenery outside was beautiful:
And so was the peanut with whom I got to share a room:
(I also roomed with this peanut's Mama, who's is also beautiful.)
Waking up to a smiley baby this weekend was such a treat.
--- 3 ---
Brian and I did carve "punkins" this week and I also discovered that Worcestershire, Lowry's salt and butter are an absolutely whiz-bang combination on "punkin seeds". 
--- 4 ---
I dreamt I ran a 5k. And it was easy.
Clearly my dreams are getting more and more ridiculous.
--- 5 ---
I always felt a bit cheated when at the end of 199 minutes of Anne of Green Gables, all we get is a touch of the face and an arm around the shoulder. Call me crazy, Gil, but even as a 10 year old, I hoped for something a bit more dramatic.
Maybe the classic wedding scene... Maybe a snapshot of their first child? Oh well...
--- 6 ---
This past week I got to hear a brief discussion on NPR about the trend of the modern world and our, "Intellectual tapas and short attention span theaters". We are the generation that's guilty of constant skimming and scrolling...
Isn't that phrase simply fabulous?

Shall we jump to the last intellectual tapa, now? :) heh.
(I kid, I kid. These are nothing of the intellectual sort and we all know it.)
--- 7 ---
Happy to report that this Sunday, we'll get an extra hour of sleep! 
(It's going to count for a lot since we're scheduled for 8 a.m. church!) 
Yeehaw! (And from my home to yours, Go Irish!)

To read sentences like, "Joe was telling me about all the exciting camping opportunities up in Washington and Oregon, which is sort of like telling a slug about all the exciting swimming opportunities in the Great Salt Lake" or to see another fabulous Henri the Existential Cat video 
(Anne, Margaret and Gina, who I think will particularly like it), 
see Jen!


  1. I admit to having similar sentiments about #5. Doesn't leave much scope for the imagination.

  2. Henri the Existential Cat ruminating on Halloween is hilarious! Love the line about crippling self-doubt!