Friday, October 26, 2012

Take 25

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Judy Garland... A voice I have always adored- especially in the song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". But, since we're not listening to Christmas music until November 23rd at 12:00 a.m., I'll indulge your desire for a little Judy with this song, "Talk, Talk, Talk"

For any of y'all who are (also) married... please enjoy. :)
--- 2 ---
I have THE best sisters-in-law.

Case in point:
This is Mairin's bedroom door:
I absolutely love her and this door.
And the other sister and her case in point:
How can you not help but fall in love with those smiles?
Meghan made the covenant of the People of Praise this week...
I'm ecstatic. We're very lucky folks.
--- 3 ---
On an entirely unrelated note, I slept in one morning this week (not planned- shocker) and discovered one of the pay-offs of sleeping in: actually getting to see the beautiful world out my bedroom windows in the morning (not just pitch black darkness).... 
I like our home.
--- 4 ---
Since we're on "unrelated notes"...
Please join me in a moment of disbelief that this shoe actually exists.
--- 5 ---
I went on one of my wogs (as Grace calls them... walk/jog) and came to face-to-face or rather foot-to-edge-of-a-stick that was at least 6 inches high (I know, right) off the sidewalk... So, in minute 18 (brutal) of my wog, I had to lift my right leg high enough to clear an extra 6 inches from my normal leg lift... and then had visions of those hurdles that some people have to clear for "sport" (read: "fun"). I have a new found appreciation for those athletes running around in circles and clearing hurdles. That's amazing.
--- 6 ---
My latest project is creating an 8x8" leather-bound photo book from a Groupon I purchased.  It was a total treat to relive the excitement of the past 20 months (!). 

And, it opens on the first page with toddler pictures of Brian and me.
You'll definitely want to come over and take a gander when it arrives. :)
--- 7 ---
Trinity School at Greenlawn! It's where I work and my latest project is our Annual Appeal. Please support us! We are so grateful to all of our benefactors and pray for you all daily.

And, speaking of Trinity School at Greenlawn, if you ever have a chance to chum it up with the wonderful new parents, please don't tell them that the new Film Club watched Psycho when they actually watched Vertigo... It won't win you any points. Trust me on this one.
Don't worry, I made fun of the comment and we all laughed.
No one seemed traumatized.

This weekend I'm on our Women's Retreat!
Hooray for a weekend without the computer!
Hooray for friendships! 
Hooray for Jesus!
I'm excited.

(Hope you noticed that that was basically 9 Quick Takes. Hope you don't mind.)

In case you forgot about the Hamster Dance, please see Jen!


  1. The view from your bedroom is beautiful. I enjoyed reading your Quick Takes. Have a blessed week.

  2. Mary, I love #5 in this post! and I'm excited to take a gander at your photo book when it arrives!