Friday, October 19, 2012

Take 24

7 Quick Takes Friday
Justified to the Center because I must please my most-dedicated readers, Mae and Lisa. :)
Gals, this one's for you...
--- 1 ---
I try to not let it take over, but let me share with you
some of my faves from my front of home...

 Shoe storage... Shoes were taking over our room... Not anymore!

This little guy cost us $0.48 at Salvation Army.
Worth. every. penny.
--- 2 ---
New artwork over our bed...
Love it. Thank you BB&B and our friends who gave us gift certificates for our wedding...
Also, it's fall break... and Brian surprised me with this project in our kitchen.
I'm so excited!
--- 3 ---
Thanks to a devoted reader, after hearing our discussion on car names, Pat from the "other coast" sent along this discussion (for the full effect, click on the link to hear the caller who asked about naming cars), which is hosted by Car Talk, one of my favorite shows of all time. I think I still appreciate Beepicheep (thanks, Ben) the most, but am mostly shocked and in awe by 71 pages of comments to Tom and Ray over one issue. 
That's what I call the big leagues.

My favorite comment is by, "bsanders":
I agree that cars and trucks are simple, soulless, utilitarian machines that deserve no name.
I have owned three trucks and have not named any of them.

However, my 1946 Farmall A tractor is named Henrietta, which is a completely different situation,
she actually does have a soul.
--- 4 ---
I have discovered something very interesting about my sleeping habits... the iPhone snooze cycle is 9 minutes, whether you like it or not. This week, I nixed the concept of snooze and instead set 2 alarms 5 minutes apart. Voila! I'm getting out of bed "on time"
(which is clearly at the second sound of the alarm, not the first,
because sometimes you've gotta plan ahead like that.)
I'm delighted to report that this week I've also not gone to bed on time, and it still works!
--- 5 ---
October 31st is coming... we own a house and I bought candy for the big day.
I have successfully not stolen any candy from the future trick-or-treaters... 
But, when that bag gets cracked open, I might be capable of falling for this routine:

(Thank you, Lisa, for sending this along...)
--- 6 ---
I arrived to this sight when I went to Women's Group this week:
Margaret is amazing!
She quickly claimed that she had "something to look at". 
I quickly thought, "Yeah... look. Not copy. Amazing."
--- 7 ---
This weekend we celebrate Covenant weekend of the People of Praise!
We are looking forward to hosting my parents and having more brothers and sisters make a lifetime commitment to our life together in community!

And... happy birthday to Grandmommy (Bev)! :)

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  1. I love the art over the bed. So cool!

    And, of course, all your organization-y things. :)