Friday, October 12, 2012

Take 23

7 Quick Takes Friday
How about we try to the left this week? Feel free to let me know which you prefer...
--- 1 ---
Well, you know how we have this in our home? Brian found this. I might be in love.
--- 2 ---
We were drivin' around the Bend this past week and I needed liquids to take some "Vitamin I" (ibuprophen). Brian valiantly went through the "Golden Arches" (McDonalds, name compliments of Grandpa Bud), ordered me a water, looked at me and grinned and proclaimed, "See? I take you to fast food restaurants!"
--- 3 ---
This article made me laugh out loud... I love it, even the very last word. While I don't fit the "grown-up" category in age, I certainly fit it in opinions...
--- 4 ---
Joe G. graced us with this one man act of "One Day More" from Les Miserables during our Branch Olympics. Since my husband and his brothers clearly don't know enough (knowing enough = being able to sing/identify all the words of the chorus of each song... maybe?) about Les Mis, I'm hoping to have a family education moment where I basically do the following for the entirety of the play... (My only regret with the following video is that I didn't get the whole performance, or more specifically, the end of it.)

Isn't this fabulous?
I guess for my family's first exposure to Les Mis, it might not spoil it for them... 

but it probably will. 
--- 5 ---
Brian and I have taken a few times in the past week to appreciate all the shockingly beautiful fall weather... for Jen and all those from the South, please enjoy this image, which is, as they say, "sooc" (straight out of the camera-- no editing).

This is the St. Joe River in South Bend... it was a cloudy, but saturated in color type of day when we went on a bike ride... praise God for his creation!
--- 6 ---
Currently Reading: Huckleberry Finn... with my husband and his 9th grade boys' Humane Letters class. 
--- 7 ---
When I went to the library to get Huckleberry Finn, I expected I had late fees. I don't know if it's a bad sign that I expected fees or a good sign that I didn't have any. You go ahead and decide, but I'm definitely $2 "richer".  (Don't worry- I had a boy ask me to buy a $2 chocolate bar this week from our local Catholic school and simply couldn't refuse-- he had a wonderfully Irish name and I couldn't resist... so I guess I'm not $2 "richer"... except in a Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar.)

If you enjoy slapstick (kind of) and a bit of big surprise (and appreciate a little "America's Funniest Home Videos", prepare for Oct. 31st by learning from this scarecrow... see Jen, quicktake 7.

Yay for the arrival of my brother-in-law, Sean! He's staying with us for the weekend. :)
We're excited.


  1. I prefer centered. :)

  2. I CANNOT believe Beep hasn't seen/heard Les Mis!! It's like the manliest stage musical ever.

  3. :) He's definitely familiar with it, but I think none of the guys in their family have ever seen all of it... I agree that it's very manly!

  4. I prefer centered as well. I loved the article. And thanks for posting that video!