Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My sister, Bethanne, said it well...
Praying for my family and all those affected by the storm.

This photo was taken by my Uncle Doug in Patchogue, NY, which is a 15 minute drive from my Grandma's home. Sad to not that the location shown in the picture is farther from the water than my Grandma's home. Grandma Ginny is staying with my Uncle Doug and is fine (they have both power and water). Here are some photos of her home with a fisheye lens, in case you're interested. :) Thankful for the safety of all of our family...

Come, Lord!

News came in later today that a tree is down in Grandma's backyard and it missed the (beautiful) back porch by inches-- praise God! All is well with her home. I'm so grateful!


  1. I really am happy everyone is safe, but I do PRAY that the house isn't too badly damaged... :( Get a little sad even thinking about too much change there.

  2. Praise God everyone and everything is ok for your family! I looked back at the fish-eye photo tour of your Grandma's house - Very sweet little homestead!