Friday, September 21, 2012

Take 20

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
It's the 41st Anniversary of the People of Praise! The South Bend branch had our annual Olympic games... this year we were inside and I very much enjoyed it. Brian and I faked the Viennese waltz like... fake pros. Hula hoop competitions, marshmallow on the spoon races, broadway... it was all great! And, this year we were in the gym, which turns out to have been great fun to be all in the stands together!

--- 2 ---
Right now, my friends are having a pancake breakfast to celebrate our 41 years, in fact, they have been for 30 minutes... and I forgot. Sheesh. Yesterday, I forgot my flu shot at work. So, basically, I might need to put EVERY calendar item on an alarm system... that will ring whether I'm near my phone or not. For now, I am sure to get the flu and be very hungry.
--- 3 ---
RAM! from 2G to 8G in one beautiful fell swoop... a moment of silence for the moment of music that will not skip or sound like a broken record... because there's enough RAM going around to be editing photos, checking facebook and writing this blog post... Holiday-luia.
--- 4 ---
Did you know that Shakespeare was the originator of "one fell swoop"? Me neither! At least, that's what wiktionary says... (yeah, yeah, a reliable source...)
--- 5 ---
Soccer season has arrived! This means I attend an occasional game of the 7th and 8th grade boys and cheer them on, but more than that, I hear endless thanks and compliments about my husband from all parents of these boys... I must say, I agree that he is spectacular.
So glad to be married  to him.
--- 6 ---
How's our garden, you ask? Oh! It's great. And favors Brian.
--- 7 ---
Cheers to a women's night tonight to celebrate 41 years of the People of Praise... and...
Cheering to come at the ND-Michigan game this weekend- Brian and I get to go! :)

To find out the importance of choosing the right "Crew" on amazon, see Jen!

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