Friday, September 14, 2012

Take 19

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Tough Mudder. This is my Tough Mudder. 3 hours, 12 miles, 21 obstacles. And, he came out smiling with the group of 7 triumphant guys who kicked butt. I'm proud of him.

--- 2 ---
Shout. Covers a multitude of laundry sins. Yup, most of it came out and I'm one lucky duck. This gal is happy to pay the price for the name brand in this situation... But I might skip the cream colored towels the next time around...

--- 3 ---
Thanks to a friend, we've received a deep freezer for our basement... for free. Sheltons, here we come! I plan to "Buy Low and Sell High"... With two of us, I enjoy the freedom to practice such things when they're not so desperately necessary. Perfecting the grocery budget is more fun when it's not a matter of life or death, turns out.

--- 4 ---
My Dad (seen here using his fully charged technology) is full of wisdom. On my parents' recent visit to our home, we learned, "ABC", which means, "always be charging." As I watch my various devices slip towards the dangerous red-zone with possible excursions looming ahead with no battery power, I think, "ABC!" :)
--- 5 ---
While I'm not interested in making all sorts of public promises about my reading habits for the school year, I have made a loose resolution to read the literature books that Brian will be teaching this year for Human Letters 9. While I'm steering clear of The Federalist Papers (hey- I already took HL9, so at least I have that going for me...) I have read Revelation, Neighbor Rosicky and The Open Boat. I'm grateful they start with short stories. :)
--- 6 ---
I read this article this week from the Word Among Us (who my brother-in-law works for) and I must say... what an amazing story of forgiveness! 
--- 7 ---
This week I suffered from (and passed on to my dear husband) a cold. This led to me being completely unable to remember the word... you know... large space, grass... oh yeah- field -while describing the Tough Mudder to my Women's Group. To say the least, I'm glad I have (most of) my brain back. Praise God.

This week Jen is busy, so check out Grace!
She's the host this week, and I must say, I've enjoyed her blog mucho... for some time now. :)


  1. thank you!!

    ah ... that first photo.

    Im dying. I've read about these tough mudders and am intrigued ...

  2. Hi Grace! You know, I do believe the Tough Mudder deserves a post all of its own... I'll consider donning Jo March's writing cap and trying to write about the grand adventure. :) (gasp- a non-7-quick-takes post?! unbelievable.) Happy Friday!

  3. ABC ... i love it! and as someone who doesn't charge anything until it's dead, dead, dead this is GREAT!