Friday, September 07, 2012

Take 18

7 Quick Takes Friday
 Don't get excited for a coherent set of 7 things on my mind. It's just not happening this week.
I don't even have a picture for you.

--- 1 ---
I'm done going to the eye doctor! Well... at least until next year. :) Visiting every 10 days to 2 weeks since June has been quite the adventure. I feel like a particular relationship is coming to an end... My life has definitely changed. I'll be checking pollen counts, looking forward to needles in my back for an allergy test, watching my contacts fizz in hydrogen peroxide and wearing glasses much more regularly... thank God, I think I'll live.
--- 2 ---
Carpooling is something I don't have a lot of experience with given the fact that I'm the youngest child in my family and don't have kids, yet... BUT, yesterday I got to partake and heard some amazing 7th grade folklore... Apparently, if you feed bunnies a steady dosage of advil, they'll live 3x as long... an 8th grade boy's mom tried it. Honest.

I think my readers would appreciate me carpooling kids more often... it doesn't get much better than that.
--- 3 ---
Free Pot Belly Pig. So, I'm sorry to inform you that this Craigslist posting (which was way too fabulous for words) has been removed. Needless to say, some lucky winner has found themselves a very loved, 4 year old, hand-bottled-fed since day 1, "cute tuft of hair" on its head, ("this is NOT a small animal") and "don't call unless you have a serious inquiry". 

This pig resided in Elkhart... and maybe now it's moved somewhere else with a loving new owner... Probably Fern Arable.
--- 4 ---
I've grocery shopped now two weeks in a row on Thursday evening, and I must say... I kind of like it! It's certainly a different crowd (just as many kids, only exponentially more unhappy) but I like not having to leave our home first thing on Saturday morning only to return to chores... Turns out I'm still a homebody.
--- 5 ---
In other news, I'd like y'all to know that when I vacuum the stairs with our (new) vacuum cleaner, it feels like small rocks (from our carpet) are being shot up at my face. I've never really done anything about it because I feel like it's simply proof of my own insanity, but I secretly look forward to the day they recall our vacuum cleaner model... I wonder how recalls happen... maybe I should tell someone...
--- 6 ---
First Notre Dame home game this weekend! ... We'll also be busy doing other things... See the next take.
--- 7 ---
This weekend is Take 2 of the Tough Mudder Weekend... Hopefully we won't get rained out this weekend and all will be tough.

To discover how devoted Texans are to football, see Jen!


  1. I love your "exponentially unhappier" comment, LOL.
    Lucas and I are now foodshopping on Monday evenings while Isabel has 1.5 hour gymnastics lesson. It works well for us, too (although sometimes I have to coax myself with a mocha, truth.)

  2. In Kroger last night it was like a chorus of screaming children... mind you it was 8:30 pm and I admit to wishing I was in bed... but I do have a cold. :) I promise I wasn't also screaming. Happy Friday!

  3. I have been in a carpool for several years (ALL BOYS) and the things I learn ... ay, ay, ay.