Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goodbye 80s! Hello Modern World!

This is what Brian and I started out with...
The only room in our home where we definitely wanted to make changes... asap.

PS- see that fridge? It's probably designed circa my birth year, but I'll tell ya...
That thing fits platters, gallons upon gallons of milk, has an egg carton holder, etc.
I'm in love with it. And dread the day it will pass away.

Brian's men's group took down the wall paper and then we discovered that the "tiles"
below the chair rail were merely scraped away plaster that Brian could fill and
then removed the chair rails, which were at a strange height.

The pink countertop, with all it's 1980s charm was removed
(and put in the garage for Brian's new work bench... oh the irony.)

 Put in the new counter top...
And then the new tile...
 And then paint... 
Add in a fabulous new sink and fixtures...
And be in love... 
With my new kitchen! :)
(Please excuse the bright light fixtures and dim natural light... 
turns out not all days are sunny in South Bend)
(Way to go on your vote, Mae,- we went with a reddish color!)
Here's hoping you all get a chance to enjoy yourselves in this kitchen...
or at least enjoy something from it!


  1. Mary, this is awesome!! gorgeous! i'd want to spend so much time in it :)

  2. Mary, it looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Swank-ity! I like it Mary!