Friday, August 31, 2012

Take 17

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
The Notre Dame Band is to be heard! In addition to absolutely adoring Autumn, my husband absolutely adores football season and now we have 2 immediate family members within the Notre Dame gates! We're excited for home game days, cool weather, red and orange crunchy leaves and of course, doing it all from our home base together for the first time... Yahoo!
--- 2 ---
Mailbox Spiders. We had 'em. We killed 'em. Now we don't look like a haunted house. There was much rejoicing. (I wrote this post yesterday morning. Then last night the itsy bitsy gordo twin cousin of said spider moved in. Don't worry, we'll win.)
--- 3 ---
BRiPhone... the name of Brian's new (jail-broken) iPhone! We are now Instagram friends and can FaceTime each other... from different floors of our house if necessary. Oh, the possibilities. ("Hey Love, can you bring up the cookies?") Nevermind, I'll just yell down the stairs like normal families. :)
--- 4 ---
Wedding! Guests! We have my parents, Abe and Thomas staying with us for the weekend and I'm so excited to celebrate the marriage of Josh and Mary Claire! Yeehaw!
--- 5 ---
I've started reading skimming the South Bend Tribune for my job. I've read a total of about 4 papers and the sweetest reward I've received so far is learning the phrase, "corn-fed and hand-spanked" from 84-year-old "Handsome" Harry Beechler... He celebrated his 84th birthday by skydiving. Congrats to him, but more than that, thank you for putting "corn-fed and hand-spanked" into my world of awesome phrases.
--- 6 ---
Cream colored towels. Yup, I made that idyllic registry mistake and somehow managed to wash all (!) of them at once last week, didn't check them before drying them, and apparently there was some sort of something left from the previous load in the washer and now there's some faint stains on them... It's really not that bad, but man, am I a perfectionist or what... Rewashing with shout and promising myself to buy colored towels next time. Tess suggests I tie dye them. Umm, whoa. Future (or current) guests, do you like this idea?
--- 7 ---
The blanket is done! Thanks to Andrea K. who started this project and let me finish it!

--- 8 ---
Ok, ok-- I know it's not "8 Quick Takes Friday"... but it's too good to not pass along... Enjoy the Honest Toddler. (Ex: "Toddler Tip: Dinner won't come out right unless she's holding you while making it. It's science.")

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