Friday, August 24, 2012

Take 16

7 Quick Takes Friday
(After writing this post I realized that it's basically all words.
Sorry folks, it's not very visually interesting this week...)

--- 1 ---
School has started! I'm washing more dress shirts and buttoning the top button after hanging them so they won't wrinkle in the closet. I see my husband at work (such an awesome thing) and I'm trying to get to work by 8:05 am at the latest (not such an awesome thing). All in all, I'm glad to have the school buzzing with activity again!
--- 2 ---
I have finished Little Women (!) and my wedding thank you cards (!) and left the crocheting project for whenever I feel like it... considering that it's for no one, yet, that's fine by me. Brian and I have taken note of all the blessings the Lord has given us in the past 6 months and are excited to start a school year without wedding planning, house hunting, furniture shopping or daily trips to Bed Bath and Beyond. (How does that company stay alive with all the returns they take?!)
--- 3 ---
Our friends have been having babies! Abigail Rose was born this week as well as Lucy Elaine last week- and it feels like everyone is having girls! I can't wait to watch them all grow up over the years and become friends... Praise God for new life!
--- 4 ---
In my short visit to meet Lucy, Kristen told me about her neighbors across the street who have been the only owners of their home. When they bought the house they didn't have enough money to buy a tree, so they went down to the river and plucked out a sapling and brought it home... Years later, they have this to show for it:

 Isn't that awesome?
--- 5 ---
Dear Readers:

I regret to inform you that I have completely washed my hand of rice wrappers. I don't know if it's the red hair and Irish heritage or what, but I cannot make rice wrappers work. After frying a whole bunch this weekend, I found out that putting them on paper towel does nothing except make them stick to the paper... forever... even into your stomach.

Just in case you've also had this problem, I relay to you Mae's advice. Mae is probably the most devoted reader I have (which I do NOT take for granted). However, after actually trying one of her methods, I would like to declare that I would care not to ever see another rice wrapper in my life... unless Mae comes to visit and basically does it for me. Mae: consider this your invitation. Come to the Bend, yo.

Here goes: (And I quote)
"In the future, you might consider putting the rolls on pieces of bread (store-bought, super-process bread works well for this) to soak up oil and then transferring to a nicer plate for serving. Or putting the eggrolls in a steamer basket which is lightly greased on both sides and is in turn placed on paper towels, and let the oil excess oil drip down on through the steamer lid onto the paper towels.
Just saying."
--- 6 ---
While it is the case that I failed at rice wrappers (twice) this week, I thought I'd share with you our favorite recipes from the past 6 months... I have gone in and out of actually meal planning and have tried a fair amount... but here are some we like:

Hummus (which I've made almost every week and am now sick of)
Chinese Cabbage Salad (I make a variation of this... you basically can't go wrong)
Verde Chicken Enchiladas from the Betty Crocker Cookbook

I think our unanimous favorite (from all two of us :) ) is the Spicy Sesame Peanut Thai from the Joy of Cooking. Unfortunately, I don't have a link for it... but dang, it's good.

Turns out I love Asian food (ironic, right? See take 5) and Brian loves Mexican. We're both redheads. go figure.
--- 7 ---
Our kitchen is beautiful! Brian has worked hard and I promise to devote an entire post to the kitchen project... it's simply lovely in there! We decided on Siena Red for the walls- and I don't regret it!

Happy weekend!

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