Friday, August 17, 2012

Take 15

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary! Sunday is our one year anniversary of getting engaged! Wow! Praise God for the best year of my life! Shout out to my husband who made it so.
--- 2 ---
The day after I got engaged, I made this playlist (talk about newly engaged bliss):

And, when it came to picking the reception playlist, I had plenty of songs that I categorized as "love songs" that I wanted played at our reception... So, I started out with singers I loved... like Etta James... I'm sorry, but have you listened to the lyrics of classics like, "All I could do was cry" or "I'd rather go blind" lately? Wow. This is absolute proof that I don't listen to lyrics when I hear a song... even while I sing them! Don't worry- they weren't played at our reception! :)
--- 3 ---
I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really feel like I seriously missed out on being able to see Ray Charles in concert. Where was I? I mean, his final public appearance was 2004. What could I possibly have been doing on April 30, 2004 that I couldn't pick up and go to Los Angeles to see one of my faves? It was simply right before finals week of my freshmen year of college... which, for the record, was also a week before the big traumatic accident of my life... so maybe if I had only gone to Los Angeles, I'd still have my original set of front teeth.

Oh well, I don't have a gap anymore. Maybe it was worth it? Maybe.

Is there an artist in the past that you wished you would've seen live in concert?
--- 5 ---
Contacts! For over 2.5 months I have been wearing glasses everyday. Let me tell you, after completely switching over the contacts at the age of 15 (or so) and basically never wearing glasses... this was a shocker. Yesterday was my first 4 hour day in contacts! When I get over getting used to the new prescription I will be overjoyed to finally recapture my peripheral vision... I'm tellin' ya, this girl has gotten some good bruises over the past 2.5 months-- and yes, I blame the glasses. ;)
--- 6 ---
Ok, I can't help it. This song is one of the songs on my pandora that comes up pretty often... It's sad and piano-like. However, if you go to minute 3:00 and listen to her speaking voice (after hearing her singing voice for a while)... I simply cannot deny that her speaking voice unbelievably reminds me of a favorite youtube sensation... Marcel the Shell. Please enjoy if you haven't seen it. "And I say, 'compared to what?!'"  Ok, ok-- so here's the second one. "Treats and snoozin'... snoozin' and treats." 

I'm pretty sure Brian felt like he understood me better when he watched me practically snort over these two videos.
--- 7 ---
Time marches quickly to the start of the school year (in 6 days!) and I'm a mere 27 pages away from my goal of finishing Little Women by that time... Yahoo! It's also worth noting that I'm 1/3 of the way done with the blanket border, the basement was reorganized just in time for water problems in the basement (which are now solved) and 38 thank you cards from wedding completion bliss (out of 156 total)... We're so close! :)

Oh, and this weekend-- we're going to the beach!! Yippee!

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  1. You are completely right about her voice sounding like Marcel the Shell. Hilarious!!