Friday, July 27, 2012

Take 12

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Stella Mar was born! Happy to report she's practically the cutest baby girl I've ever seen! I mean, how could these two not create the cutest child ever? Exactly. And, based on this, I can't wait until she starts playing, either! Oh the fun that awaits us!
--- 2 ---
We sold my car, Charlie. I must say, Charlie served me well and happened to be my favorite car so far (ok, so the Chevy Lumina couldn't even hold a candle to it). I was proud to be able to sell her at 212K miles. I mean, how many cars can do that? Thank you, Charlie. We'll miss you and your transmission-going-bucking-in-the-first-two gears, sunroofing, leather-seating ways. Proof of service: Charlie 1, Charlie 2, and of course:
Thanks, Lisa, for such a great car!
Onwards and upwards to being a "one car family" in our Mazda5! Hurrah!
--- 3 ---
This past week, Brian and I drove to NY for a family wedding and a vacation! It was great! One of the highlights was taking him to the fire station where my Grandpa was the fire chief from 1966-68. I pretty much couldn't have paid for a better experience of showing Brian where my family was from... Tommy ______ (Insert your favorite extremely Italian name here) rattled off the names of 4 other guys who went to school with "Walta June-ya" (my Dad, Walter Jr.) He took us up to the hall and we got to see Grandpa's photo on the wall and the guy behind the bar talked all about the "Fiyas" of "dose yee-as". In fact, they told stories that I've never heard before. It was simply grand. Isn't he handsome?
--- 4 ---
We have a guest bedroom! I'm happy to say we've already had a fair amount of visitors, and or wedding guest book sits in there to keep the records of anyone who stays with us, which I just love. I'd like to take a moment to honor my husband who has made the guest bed at least 3 times this past month, all without me asking. He's the real winner.
(Oh, and we're always hoping for more guests!) If you have ideas for what to put on the wall above the bed, please comment. I'm way open (as you can tell).
--- 5 ---
On the roadtrip to New York, I finished the "body" of a pink baby blanket (which Andrea K. started and passed off after realizing how many hours it would take to finish). Next? I'll buy some white for a shell-shaped border (or something) and voila! A blanket! for no one in particular... just mainly a to-do list item out of our basement. :) Pictures to come...
--- 6 ---
Well, I've had my iPhone for about 3 weeks now and I joined Instagram, just like I said I would. Must admit, I don't have enough friends on it yet for it to feel very exciting. hah. I can't even figure out if I have a url with my photos on it... Maybe I'll work on that this week. :) Proof from Instagram that vacation was grand.

I think y'all should pitch in and tell me what apps I'm missing. G'ahead, comment away. :)
--- 7 ---
The Lord started picking up the water bill for keeping our green stuff alive outside... forever. grateful. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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