Friday, July 13, 2012

Take 11

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We're going to NY! My cousin Justin and his fiancée Caroline are getting married on Sunday! We're throwin' on our dancin' shoes and spiffy attire and dancin' the night away! So, when you don't hear from me next week, be not alarmed... I'll be on day 7 of 8 glorious days away from the office and home! Yeehaw!
 This is my Mama. That is NY pizza. It's the best. Anywhere.
(This photo is also the best. Anywhere.)
I'm so excited to take Brian to my favorite place in the whole world!
And eat pizza!
--- 2 ---
New Office Location! Gina's baby is really due any day, which means a maternity-leave-length of temporary Gina withdrawl for this gal. For a couple of those weeks, I'll leave the basement of the building for the faculty office, because there's really no reason for any adult to find themselves on my floor of the building right now... so why stay?
--- 3 ---
I have an iPhone 4S! Slightly overwhelmed by the concept of cleaning up my contact list, but very happy to have a "portable camera" as opposed to my DSLR which comes basically with its own diaper bag full of things...
--- 4 ---
Remember how I pruned my Kalenchoe? Check out the difference!
See the height where I cut it?
It grew two new arms and an extra couple of inches!
Ok, so they're  a bit gangly looking, but I have high hopes for them!
--- 5 ---
I finally accomplished a DIY project! (It took me about 6 weeks due to not having all the supplies I needed.)
These are coasters for our bedside tables. I made them from leftover scrapbook paper and cards from our wedding! What I learned: card stock is too thick for a coaster to be a smooth surface
and for the mod podge to get layered on smoothly. All in all, a fun project! (Take note of our new bedroom colors! Brian painted our room- Yay!)
--- 6 ---
We had our first Non-Book Club gathering this week! It was delightful to meet new women who I'll see around the neighborhood! It was also surreal being at an evening gathering of women in a home in the neighborhood. I felt so firmly in married life and all that comes with it. One cool piece of information that came from it was that two sisters used to live in our home and teach at the local public school. When they couldn't do the stairs anymore, they built a ranch about a half block from here and the woman who currently owns that home hosted the party (and goes to our church)! So fun to know more history.
--- 7 ---
My sister sent me an email that was in the subject line (just like Dad, I might add), "Join Instagram". She used the body of the email to make sure she was being polite (or simply just begging) by adding, "Pretty, please". So, why do you love Instagram? Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, email, whew! When do you drop one/two/more? When I asked why I should join, she simply responded, "Quick creativity. Inspiration. Daily visual connection w moi." Maybe I'll start in NYC...

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