Friday, June 15, 2012

Take 8

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Lake! This past weekend, we gathered at Diamond Lake to celebrate Brian's Dad's birthday. It was a divine day... warm enough weather to grow freckles, a lake glittering, people relaxing, family laughing, you know the drill... basically heaven.
Doesn't this picture tell it all? That's Mairin, Brian's very awesome younger sistah. The dog belongs to the neighbors, who are related to us...
--- 2 ---
Pinnies. Not pennies. I've been Assistant Athletic Director for 1.5 years. It's not until my job is over and I'm training in my absolutely awesome replacement (my mother-in-law) when she asked me what I meant by "cleaning pennies" every year... hah. She's the winner. (Absolute proof that she's the woman for the job!)
--- 3 ---
Brian makes more awesome progress... Made and installed by my fabulous husband!
(Oh, and we both love summer.)

--- 4 ---
Garden Update! 
Green beans (just starting), tomatoes (one unfairly gets all the sun and therefore is the happiest), jalapenos (already starting to give fruit- of course the only thing I won't put in my mouth), cilantro (by far the happiest plant in our garden- it might end up taller than me- which doesn't take much), carrots (what does a carrot seedling look like... because umm, I'm not sure if I'm growing weeds or not) and rosemary (which is growing new branches according to Brian- I simply can't tell).
--- 5 ---
At a recent Action Division gathering, we were encouraged to be active this summer. Do things like serving your household, continuing to learn, etc. I've already thought of things I want to do... garden (see above), decorate our home, read good books, study the Gospels, have lots of date nights and travel to weddings... What do you want to do this summer?
--- 6 ---
This weekend. Tough Mudder. Sunday. We'll be there. He'll be the tough. He'll be the mudder. I'll be the photographer. (Stay tuned!)
--- 7 ---
One week until Nichole gets married! Oh, we're excited! The summer has started and we're looking forward to the highlights: two weddings!
To find out what the horrid state insect of New Mexico is, see Jen! Yeah, seriously. But, you might not sleep so well at night the next time you're in New Mexico.


  1. What?! Pinnies, not pennies? I would have never known. Thanks, Mary ... and Beth!

  2. So, um, what are pinnies? And why do they need cleaning every year?

  3. Hi Mae! :) Pinnies (check the link) are pull over colored shirts so that you can scrimmage and know who's on your team... and YES, they need to be washed EVERY year. (Ours simply need to be replaced because they haven't been and MAN, they don't smell very good.) :)