Friday, June 08, 2012

Take 7

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
6 egg whites to make 3 batches of macaroons for Gina's shower left 6 egg yolks... clearly what I needed to do a sugar cookie recipe that called for only egg yolk! Perfect combination. Long afternoon in the kitchen. Blissful smells. And sweets all week... Time to not do that again for a while! Whew!
This was my first time using the 3-tier cooling rack. Super awesome.
--- 2 ---
I think our chipmunk count is 8. There has also been some legal counsel this week. I'll refrain from any incriminating evidence on this blog. ;)
Update: 10:55 AM: 9 chipmunks.
--- 3 ---
My brother-in-law Patrick graduates tomorrow! Trinity School at Greenlawn has their senior dinner tonight at the Century Center (my first time there) and then graduation tomorrow. Looking forward to the celebration!
--- 4 ---
This photo makes me want a spectacular hat. Ok, so maybe I want Kate's entire outfit. Reminds me of this spectacular experience.
--- 5 ---
Moving on... I will no longer be the Assistant Athletic Director beginning July 1st. I began in January of 2011 and enjoyed a lot of this. I look forward to spending more time with Alumni and in Development, which are things I love and will completely relish being home during the dinner hour and not hauling back and forth to the Athletic Center.
--- 6 ---
Glasses. For over a week. I'm a winner. (And expressing deep love of contacts to myself in my spare moments.) (I'm also trying to figure out how people run with glasses... I simply didn't and prayed I wouldn't run into anyone I knew and have to identify them... because they would definitely be a blur.)
(Remember my bucket list item "love your own wardrobe"? This is one of the shirts I bought.)
--- 7 ---
This morning, the coffee was made for me. Brian is wonderful.

Oh! And my sister is published! Wowzahs. I'm so proud of you, Bethanne!

We'll get to see Lake Michigan this weekend! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

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  1. Hey, Mary!!!

    Nice to see a familiar face on Quick Takes. Not sure why I didn't notice you before. :)

    Happy Blogging! And (belated) congratulations on becoming a Mrs.!

    ~a fellow former Grand Rapidian

  2. Hi Cecilia!

    I've seen bits and pieces of your new life in NYC! I hope you're loving it! Lord bless you and thanks for commenting!!

    ~Also a former Grand Rapidian