Friday, June 01, 2012

Take 6

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
My blessing for the week: New things in our home: 2 pieces of art hung and a fixed fridge door!
My husband rocks. 
 An oil on canvas for our hallway upstairs... bought from a friend of ours.

My sister, Melanie's shower gift to me! Brian and I, placed among other famous couples...
like our parents and Mickey and Minnie Mouse :)
Want your own? Email her!

My husband is a fix-it genius. And I'm SO grateful.

--- 2 ---
Just go ahead and tip that coffee maker back. That's right, years of wondering and several google searches later, I had given up and stopped trying to solve the "air-bubble-inside-the-water-measuring-compartment" of our coffee maker. Well, folks, I watched in disbelief as my ingenious husband simply tipped the coffee maker back, pushing the water and air bubbles into the back compartment of the coffee maker and watching only water (and no air bubbles) fill the measuring compartment as he returned it to it's upward stance. Shock. And. Awe.
--- 3 ---
This year, I knowingly probably started a tradition... Easter Cinnamon Rolls that get finished on Pentecost! I made a batch of them for Easter this year and Brian and I could only finish 9 (shocker) and we froze the other 9... Meghan (Brian's sister) visited us (yay!) this weekend, and pulling out the other half of the batch seemed like the perfect thing... and then I realized what a fun tradition that could be! Finishing the Easter season with Easter cinnamon rolls!
--- 4 ---
Speaking of sweets, I found these this week... just in case you don't crave sugar enough, you could crave it as soon as the lights go on.
--- 5 ---
I have made progress! All of my shower thank you cards (minus 2) are done! I promise, I won't stop there! (Oh, and they're not all delivered. But, I'll get there.)
--- 6 ---
The great chipmunk massacre of 2012. 4 chipmunks in 24 hours. Those things are small and fast! Brian got 'em. I'll spare you the details... because I don't know them.
--- 7 ---
The eye doctor has officially forbidden me to wear contacts for one month due to allergies. Guess how I feel about it? Remember the rabbit? Yeah, something like that. A possible allergy test 15 minutes of itchy torture on the back of my shoulder in my future, too? Bring it.

And yes, my Mom is always right. I have allergies and I should do something about it.
Also, the rabbit has been removed. Praise-a-luia.

For thoughts on why you should look through your smart phone pictures before travel, see Jen.
No really, please see number 2, 3 and 4.


  1. I love the canvas with your names on it!

  2. Thanks, Caitlin! We love it, too! :) My sister sells them-- you can email her at