Tuesday, June 26, 2012

D to the C and back again!

Yahoo! We had a great trip to my former stomping grounds! It was our first time being there together and we had an absolute blast! We were only in town a whopping 48 hours or so, but we milked it for all it was worth! Here are the highlights...

  • Driving in our new car! We've decided it's quieter and smoother than the Isuzu, and I like sitting in the seats much better. I often felt like a little kid in the Isuzu.
  • Bolivian food with Billy and Becca... Brilliant. (Did you know hot dogs are all the rave for Bolivian food? Or at least they were at this place...) We closed out the evening with Thomas at the McN's... the back porch tradition never dies... =)
  • A tour of George Mason! It was fun to show Brian my college "home" including old study spots and classrooms (from which I may or may not have IM'd him in the past). I had to pick up my jaw off the floor a few times at the amount of growth and new buildings since I graduated!
  • Homemade mohitos at Matt and Mary Beth's... picked mint from the yard... wowzah! The company was even better. They hosted us for the weekend, and Claire even gave up her room for us! We're so honored.
  • We enjoyed a fabulous evening with Alex and Jule! Good wine, unbelievable Greek tapas, and again, the company was even better. (Not to mention we found out we'll be 3 miles from each other when we're in NYC this weekend... We're traveling up for different weddings and now making plans to meet up in July. Talk about fantastic!)
  • A visit with Jenny and Mae! Brian took the time to check out the W&OD trail on his new bike and I stole an hour or so with these wonderful sisters... it was delightful.
  • At a toll booth this weekend, someone behind us honked (as if that was going to help the situation) and the toll booth lady looks at us and says, "Did they just honk behind you?" We said we thought so... She responded, "I'll take care of that." She then proceeded to walk to the car behind us, not even waiting for them to pull forward... We were shocked and pulled away kind of chuckling at the whole situation. We didn't mind a little excitement, we drove a total of 20 hours this weekend! 

  • Paul and Nichole are married! What a wonderful celebration! All were delighted, especially Nichole's choir students who sang for the ceremony. (Imagine high pitched squeals of delight at the first announcement of Mr. & Mrs... it was awesome. I may have shed a tear. or three.)
  •  The evening of their reception called for thunderstorms, which was a concern given the outdoor reception. I loved the fact that the guests at the reception confidently trusted that the Lord would not allow anything to ruin Paul and Nichole's day... and they were right. A strong gust of wind took down one table's glass centerpiece, but after that, it was nothing but beautiful, dramatic skies of clouds, a cooler temperature (thank you, Lord) and a slight sprinkling, which I know in some traditions means a shower of grace upon the new couple. And, then the Lord graced them with a rainbow, which was, we all thought, a sign of Nichole's late father's blessing on them and their new marriage. (As Father Peter said, "He's got the best seat in the house today.") Praise God!
(This is where the reception was, in a pavilion in Manassas. Isn't the train and sign ridiculously cute?!)

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