Friday, May 25, 2012

Take 5

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This 5th Quick Take is dedicated to David Brubeck and Paul Desmond's Take 5, which has always been one of my favorites. (Often listened to in the small art room of my high school years.) I mean, who writes music in 5/4 time signature? How would you dance to it? I try not to let these burning questions keep me from getting good, sound sleep... (I'm doing ok so far.)
--- 2 ---
Cheers to today being the last day of classes at Trinity School at Greenlawn! Dreams of free evenings with my husband, BBQs and our first summer together dancing in my head!
--- 3 ---
Speaking of summer: Tough. Mudder. These are two big words in our household right now... Brian is training and I am... cheering. =) I mean, this gal is not a "Tough Mudder". I prefer things clean and am tough when necessary... which doesn't include voluntary courses of electrical shock. (However, I'm very happy to be married to a tough mudder.)
--- 4 ---
Even though I'm not a tough mudder, I am playing in the Varsity vs. Alumni women's soccer game tomorrow. You can find me lugging my asthmatic-self around a (thankfully shortened-by-a-few-feet) soccer field while current high school students run circles around me. Don't get me wrong- I fully expect to win. I just plan to be on the road to recovery for a few weeks afterwards.
--- 5 ---
As someone who joined the ranks of sitting at a desk for roughly 40 hours per week (3.79 years ago), I'm always collecting music suggestions. With the students leaving the halls for a long, quiet summer and my office mate gettin' ready to invite the possibly cutest child in the world to their family on or around July 17, I'm open to some rockin' tunes that will make it sound like there are an extra 180 people hangin' around... or maybe we'll settle for 100?
--- 6 ---
This summer, we get to attend two weddings! In conjunction with those trips, we're the happy planners of one day in the DC metro area and 2 days in NYC. That's right, folks! East Coast, here we come! Please let me know what your favorites are in those places and we'll seriously consider them... (as long as the NYC suggestions include lots of pizza.)
--- 7 ---
Completely unrelated to anything in this post (which has basically been loosely held together on the topic of summer), I wanted y'all to know that my computer's name is Bernice. (This absolutely must be said in a very deep South accent.) I was reminded this morning that Bernice is a scriptural name (Acts 26, she was King Agripa's sister). Next week, I'll clue you in on what Acts 26 reminds me of. =)

For thoughts on 7 quick takes not actually being related to each other, see Jen.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I'll start at the bottom:
    bernice - because she's old and slow???

    New York, woop woop!

    Download HOME by Phillip Phillips, yes the American Idol. You'll be glad you did.

    Happy Summer!!!!

  2. Nah, Bernice because it's so much fun to say... like smooth molasses. =)

    Love ya!