Friday, May 18, 2012

Take 4

--- 1 ---
As of today, we've been married 3 months! Here we are, freezin' and gettin' excited to get hitched. It's a lot warmer today, and I'm grateful. :)
--- 2 ---
Tapas! My husband is a fabulous researcher! We had a tapas and wine event in honor of his birthday and he found some good recipes! We made these: one, two, three, four and five. Throw in some manchego cheese and it was a winner evening. 
--- 3 ---
Two things worthy of note on my running walking/jogging route: a dead rabbit and super tall poppies. The poppies bloomed in the last two weeks. The rabbit has been in front of an empty house's sidewalk for over a month. The flies are no longer attracted. Guess which is my favorite? 
--- 4 ---
My Grandma and I had a lovely chat this week and she had some questions for me: Am I cooking? Is my husband eating well? Is he healthy? Just in case any of you are also wondering: I am cooking, my husband is eating well and is healthy. =)
--- 5 ---
Thanks to a friend of mine whose sister took final vows this month, I got to see the website of the new order that she joined... I found this photo to be delightful.
--- 6 ---
I mentioned working on our budget... I would like to say that mint actually changed our lives, but I think the more accurate statement is that Aldi changed our lives (and is keeping us inside of our food budget!). Thank you, Aldi. 
--- 7 ---
Take a look at this picture... See that ant? Well, it's how peonies bloom- by eating away the exterior leaves. We have a whole row of peonies on our back fence and there are a lot of blooms. I have decided that our ants are giving in to gluttony. Not that I really mind, because our peonies are starting to look great.

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  1. wow! I had no idea that's how peonies bloom! That explains all the "annoying" ants on them when I picked them! I now have a new appreciation for those ants, I suppose. My parents have them growing in their yard so I would pick them in my younger years...they smell so good...

    I agree too that Aldi is life changing! =)

  2. That cracks me up! My grandma asks me those questions just about every week I talk with her on the phone.

    The wedding picture you linked to is beautiful! Happy 3 months! :)